the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WEEK 69- Giving it to the Lord

ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHA! so this week has been crazy! Seriously!
so on Tuesday we got a call from president that sister H's new companion would be coming in on Wednesday. then I would be able to train my baby! yay!( Here in Hawaii most sisters got to the VC so to actually train a proselyting greenie is a real privilege!)
Then Wednesday night, we picked up the new sister. Then Thursday I was with my baby and we had a FANTASTIC day! Everything was splendid. We finally had some normalcy.
Then Thursday morning, we were doing our studies and we got a call from the other sisters saying that the assistants had called and wanted us to change companions. I was no longer going to be training! We were super shocked! The only reasons that a trainer and trainee get separated (that I've heard of) are 1. if the trainer is abusive (verbally or physically) and 2. if the trainer is very disobedient! And I really thought that I wasn't either one of those. ….anyway, they took my baby and gave me the other sister. They explained that my baby and I both had driver’s licenses and the other two sisters did not so they needed to have a driver for each companionship.
We spent like a day and a half in totally confusion. We were waiting to hear from president if this was really the news. Well, the zone leaders talked with president and president said that he really felt like I was supposed to train her, but that would put the other two sisters walking instead of president said the decision was up to us. So we met with the zone leaders and the other sisters late Saturday night and had a little meeting. They basically said that we were all going to discuss it and make the final decision tonight. It kind of felt like tribal council from survivor.  We discussed it then they gave us a few minutes to pray about it. We all walked out to our back patio and stood there by the beach. We took time to ponder and pray then we all gathered back again to make the final decision. It was really hard, but we came to the decision that the work would move forward more quickly with two cars. So, I chose to give up my baby. It was kind of sad. But we know that we did the right thing. It was actually a very spiritual experience for all of us. We learned a lot about sacrifice, and being willing to give anything up for the Lord and His work. I know it kind of sounds dumb, but really training is a HUGE thing in the mission. This week was hard, but I am thankful that the Lord gives up opportunities to learn how to trust in him. 
  It was really a spiritual time because I was so excited to train, and it is an honor here.  This was my only chance to full train and I got a great comp with a great desire to work hard and President said that he really felt inspired to call me as her trainer. …..but after we made the decision to give her to the other sister to train I felt really strongly that It was never intended for me to train her fully. I think that she was just given to me so that I could learn about giving up things that are really important to me, for the Lord and His work. So this was a tough thing for me( hope that does not sound silly)
So now I have another companion! She is so awesome!! I'll send pictures! We have a blast together. She’s from Tonga and she's been out 3 months.
Oh, and guess what?! Do you remember the awesome book of Mormon reader guy from my last area? Well, He got baptized!! I am so happy for Him!! He has such a solid testimony of this gospel and he lives it!!!
Love you all! Sorry this is late and short. We went on a great hike!  It is SO beautiful here!!
Ofa atu!!!
-Sister Hodgson

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