the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WEEK 55- Amazing youth and 3 dinners

This week we had exchanges on Wednesday. I went to Mililani with sister Meatoga and Sister Broomhead went to Wahiawa with Sister Oh.

Then, on Thursday we had a district meeting to plan for a training that our district would be giving at youth conference!  They hand cuffed us to our companions and then we had to build something out of snack foods and frosting.  It was super fun!

Friday we spent ALL day at youth conference. There were 6 groups, so we gave the training 6 times. It was so much fun! We were supposed to be done around 2:30, but the leaders decided that they needed one more set of missionaries to stay later and help the youth go tracting. SO our zone leaders asked us to stay! We were so excited!!! So we got to go around with these cute teenage girls and help them invite people to the activity Saturday morning. They were so cute! They were a little bit shy at first, but then they got more confident. It was great to see them out being little missionaries :)

The activity that they were inviting people to was a family history fair. Saturday morning all of the youth helped people in the community to learn more about family history work. Many people came to the church and the youth helped them to set up accounts on so that they could look for their own ancestors. It was neat to see the youth so excited about it, and it was so good for everyone else to be able to learn about it.

On Sunday, we had so many appointments and we were busy all day!!!!We had a meeting in the morning, then we went to church, then we ate lunch, then we had appointment after appointment. Unfortunately, the last three appointments were dinner that was fun. We felt so bad because the 1st dinner was like "eat sisters!" "have some more!" "that's all you're going to eat?" "have some more rice" "I'll scoop you more soup". Finally his wife was like "honey, maybe they're full! they don't eat as much as we do!" haha so that was our first dinner. The second dinner had a salad with the meat, so that one was nice and easy. Then the third dinner was a Samoan family….  ..So it was all meat! We just explained that we had a curfew that we had to make- so we ate a little bit, then took the rest to go. We made it home with 7 plates of food to go. gotta love the generosity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! They are so giving! But I am so full :) I think that love is spelled F.O.O.D. here. If they love you, they feed you- if you love them, you eat their food. That's how it works.

Oh and the most exciting news of the week is that President gave our zone permission to go to the Polynesian cultural center today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my craziest dreams would I imagine that he would approve that! But the zone leaders asked him, and he said yes!!!! No one EVER gets to go to the PCC unless it is the day before you go home. (or if you serve in Laie). But since I don't serve in Laie and I am not going home I never expected this! So we'll have great pictures next week!

We see so many chickens and cats here all the time. We saw some cute baby kittens and I was like "aww they're so cute!!! Kittens don't deserve to live in the ghetto" then sister oh was like "cats do, but not kittens!!!!" she is so funny!!!!!! I love my companion! I love this work! I'm so glad to be here:)

miss you and love you all!
-Sister Hodgson