the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 57- Luggage taxi and my future husband's shirt

so they say that for every drop of rain that falls on your missionary name tag, your future spouse gets more attractive----hence my gratitude for serving in Waimea and Mililani- some of the wettest places in the mission haha. But in all seriousness, I would much rather work in the rain than in the sun. it can get HOT here! I feel like a little raisin....i'm tanning into a crisp! #awkwardmissionarytanlines (do people even use hashtags anymore? haha)

Well, this week on Wednesday morning, we woke up at 4:00, and picked up the other sisters. We dropped one off at the airport, then drove to Honolulu where the other sister met up with her new companion. Then all the elders in our zone filled up our car with luggage...................It was LOADED with luggage! like STUFFED!!!! okay not that full, but close! it had a lot. (all the other cars had 4 or 5 elders in them so we were the luggage taxi). We followed our zone leaders around to a few different pads and dropped off everyone's luggage. then we got back home and officially started the transfer. 

Here on the islands you can ride in the back of trucks legally...I love this


On Thursday we set goals for the transfer ,that is always fun! We taught a lot of people today. Teaching is one of my favorite parts of missionary work. We don't just recite a script- we really do our best to share what we know to be true and understand their concerns and feelings. And we cannot teach, unless we have the spirit! We, as 20 year old girls, don't have the ability to help people to change their lives in this big of a way. But Heavenly Father loves the people that we teach SO much and He will help us to show them His love and His plan. Only then can people make these lasting changes in their lives.

My favorite part of Saturday, was when we saw this old guy with a cut-off- sleeve shirt. Not just your average cut off, but like he cut off the sleeves and a part of the shirt haha. Sister Oh was like "did his shirt come like that?" I explained that people buy t-shirts and cut off the sleeves, and that's how you get that kind of shirt. She told me "if my husband wear that kind of shirt I will be like 'no' and when he is sleeping I will throw it away." she is so cute!!!!!!!!!

 We were excited to get our "Sister Training papers"......I guess we will figure out what that means...hahah

love you guys,
Sister Hodgson

Sunday, June 22, 2014

WEEK 56- The last sisters.... and the PCC

Monday, we went to the Polynesian cultural center!! That was awesome!  It's like the Disneyland of Hawaii!  We saw the first mission home in Hawaii, and we saw lots of dancing: Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Fijian-  It was awesome!

Tuesday, we had our last district 12 district meeting.  we went to the "wilderness" (the botanical gardens) like Lehi and his family.  It was super fun!  

Wednesday, we had service at Pearl Harbor.  We got to sanitize EVERYTHING!!!  we just wiped down any and all surfaces on the whole battleship. it took forever but it was fun!  We also got to go to a meeting at President and SIster Warner's home this night.   It was good to see them again and to see some old mission buddies:)

Thursday, We went to go visit a member, but she wasn't home, so we were walking back to our car thinking that it was kind of a waste of time to come over, but then we saw a car parked by a red curb.....which is illegal.....and on a military base if you do something illegal- they'll find you!!!  so we were like hey it looks like that car is at our OTHER members' house, so we thought maybe we should go knock on their door and let them know the curbs were crazy confusing here.  We we're like "naw that's dumb" then we were like "no we should go tell them".  so we knocked on the door, they let us in, a friend was just leaving so he took the car and that was fine BUT we stayed and talked for a bit with this sister.  It turns out that she is moving soon, and the military mover guys were coming the next morning to check the house and see how much they would have to move.  SO she was really stressed!  we offered to come help her to clean and she was so grateful for that!  It was really neat to see that we had no idea that she needed help, but Heavenly Father did, and He brought us to that street, and prompted us to go stop by.  He'll put us right where He needs us to be!  He loves all of His children, and He will send help when someone needs it, and He will give us opportunities to be the help when someone needs it.

Friday, we went over to help that Sister clean her house.  it was so much fun!  she is so sweet. 

Saturday, we went to stake conference adult session....I still think it's weird that I'm an adult...haha

Sunday, we went to the Sunday Session of Stake Conference.  It was so good.  It was all about missionary work and the book of Mormon.

ALSO, we got transfer news this week!  There are so many people leaving our zone.  There are 7 elders leaving and the other two sisters are both leaving!  WHAT?  that's right, BOTH of that means Sister Oh and I will be the only sisters in the zone........... talk about lonely......  there goes our carpool buddies.  No exchanges for us! haha  So that was a shocker.  this is like pre-age-change status...  But Sister Oh and I are staying together so we're really happy for that:)

love you all!
-Sister Hodgson