the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Thursday, June 5, 2014

WEEK 54- National Creeper week and why I want to share the Gospel

so this week we were walking down the street and some guy beckoned to us to come to him. so we walked over, introduced ourselves and had a little gospel conversation with him. He started saying super weird things about the gospel and we were getting a little creeped out so I said "It was so nice to talk to you but we'd better get going" and I went to take a step away from him and he was like "don't move your foot! don't you dare walk away from me!!!" Then he proceeded to yell at us about how selfish women are. it was super crazy so we let him finish his rant then I was like "I really don't mean to be rude sir, but we really do have to go" he was like "don't you dare leave." then, he pointed to my companion and he said "What does she have to say?" My companion and I were a bit flustered, but mostly just annoyed at this point. I turned to her and said "do you have anything to say sister oh?" she turned and looked at the guy and just said "it was nice to meet you" haha and we turned and walked away as fast as we could. He was shouting at us and super mad, so as soon as we turned the corner we sprinted all the way to our car! we were like "we just got held hostage..... by words!" It was funny!

okay and second creeper story: we were making phone calls to people that missionaries have met before, but never got a chance to teach. So we call them and see if they are interested in learning more and we set up appointments. Seems simple enough. We called this one guy and he was being super rude and sarcastic. So we ignored most of his previous comments and just skipped to asking him if he would be open to meeting with us. He was like "depends.....on a scale of 1 to 10 how attractive are you?" I said "2." he swore and was like "ooh you're so 2 hundred or just 2?" I said "2." He started going off about something else and we just told him that what we thought would be most fitting for his gospel learning would be chatting with missionaries online at he was like "so you don't want to come visit me? now I'm not gonna learn about the gospel so i'm just the same as before this phone call, so you haven't helped me at all!"   sigh…some times its hard when you are trying to be nice.

and thirdly....and not really  creepy...: we passed by this guy in the parking lot and he asked us if we could give him some money for gas. We said sorry, we didn't have any and he was like "oh okay. thanks. you look beautiful today!" we were like "umm....thank you." some people are so friendly....I think doing drugs makes people seem prettier too haha.

so there's our creeper week! Sister Oh and i LOVE our ward...and are very busy!

but on a more spiritual note, we are seeing so much help from the ward members here! People are offering to come out with us to lessons and people are asking their friends to come over and listen to our message! It is so neat to see! The prophets have repeatedly stated "every member a missionary". and why is that? is it because we want to have the biggest church? no. Is it because we think it's funny to see people get wet when they're baptized? nope. Then why is it so important to share the gospel? President George Albert Smith said: We have that which is of more value than all the wealth and the scientific information which the world possesses. We have the plan of life and salvation. … The best way in the world to show our love for our neighbor is to go forth and proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

We have seen the blessings that this gospel has brought into our lives, and we need to share this with others. This is how we can show our love. The relief that comes through the atonement, the peace that comes through knowledge of the plan of salvation, the guidance we receive from a living prophet- these are priceless treasures that we can help others to have in their lives as well.

You all know how excited I can get about a good ice cream flavor, or a nice pizza.....I'll tell everybody: "have you tried papa john's spinach Alfredo pizza?" or "you have to come and try some of this ben and jerrys ice cream! It's chocolate peppermint crunch! It's so good!!!!!!" If I want to share something so trivial as a pizza slice, I should be have a greater desire to share the things or greater worth in my life.

I know that this gospel is the way to have “peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come” (D&C 59:23).

I love being a missionary! I am so glad to be sharing what I love! (aka the gospel) (p.s. I also share pizza and ice cream that's nice too:) haha.

love you all!

-Sister Hodgson <3