the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WEEK 79-10 of the things i will miss about Hawaii

ALLLOOOOHHHHHHAAAA from Hawaii!!!!!!!!

Okay so I don't even remember what happened this week!! haha everything is a blur!

okay so we got to serve at pearl harbor one last time! we traded  a bunch of flag poles off of the battleship in a few assembly lines. Then we swept decks. I will miss Pearl Harbor.  We love the service and the people there.Wednesday night we got to go to a relief society activity and learned how to make sugar hand scrubs.

We met with great families who have become very dear to me. They are so committed to getting involved in the gospel again. They haven't been coming for a while, but they have been realizing how much that they need it and they are ready to make the change. It has been so fun to hear her talk about the changes she is already seeing in her life. She said that she has started reading the scriptures again and that she has seen a difference in how patient that she is with her little daughter. she says that she was able to be so much more patient than she normally would have been …. I loved to hear her testimony.

Then Thursday was elder N's birthday (he's one of the elders in the ewa beach 2nd ward with us) so we went over to the lady who was having us over for dinner's house a little early and we all blew up balloons. She had made a giant cookie bar and it was super fun! We all gathered around in the living room and sang and then popped little confetti streamer popper things and the confetti landed on a little stuffed poodle toy.....then their almost 2 year old daughter screamed and ran to the poodle and tore the streamers off of him in horror and threw her little body over him …poor little thing thought that we had hurt her toy poodle. such a cute little girl! I'll get pictures with this family. We love them!

Friday we went on exchanges. I TOTALLY lost my frog meets robot. For our companion study we sang an opening song and I had like a 2 note range. But my voice is back now. The exchange was fun. But like no one we had planned to see was home. But we did meet some new people tracting so that is always fun.  We love  being close to the visitors center too!!

This week in our meeting with the ward mission leader he was like "so are you leaving on December 3rd?" and I was like "Ya." and He was like "No." haha then he was like "We'll call the mission president, this will not be tolerated" This ward is so great! I am going to miss these people! I'm going to miss so many things here in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!

So, now a list of things I am going to miss when I leave Hawaii:
1. of course the people! SO giving! so loving!
2. gekkos running away from you every step you take on the side walk.
3.THE BEACH of course! I know we don't go on the beach but we can still see it a lot and it's so pretty!
4. how every company here is ALOHA something... like 'Aloha towing' or 'Aloha dentistry' or 'Aloha cleaning company' haha something like that.
5. the accent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the local words. "Ho brah, it's no hAnAlulu its hOnOlulu" "na na na de was choke dakine, ya" "he wen bus up his braddah. Den he neva take care a him" "I got go to da store for buy some poke." gunna miss it!
6. the cultural diversity!!! We meet people from the philipines, samoan, tonga, japan, korea, the mainland, new Zealand, guam, tahitii, fiji, any kine place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you name it! So we have learned how to say hello in planny different languages!!!!!
7. shoyu chicken - wow I never thought I'd say that. we get a lot of shoyu chicken and I always thought that I was getting sick of it but now I actually think I'm going to miss it!
8. the random birds that look like they are karate masters.
9. cockroaches in the big deal.
10.the street names are all beautiful hawaiian words.

I love it!! Okay I am out of time.

There is a slight possibility that I wont be able to email next week, in which case I'll send a letter to be put on the blog. But hopefully I'll just be able to email. But if not, see you next week:) haha

love, Sister Hodgson