the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

week 68- I have turned into a camel

BUt really....I have turned into a camel. I drink so much water here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like never before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing! I don't know where it goes!!!! but it still seems like I'm always parched. well that's maui for ya!

The struggle has been real here, but we're figuring things out! We taught a LOT more this week, and we are getting to know more of the families and the roads haha. this one family that we are teaching is a  mom (not attending church) a  dad  ( who is not a member of our church) and  2 children. the daughters are memorizing scriptures, and the older one attends seminary every morning and they are working as a family to get more involved with the gospel and to get that back into their life. I is always amazing to see the changes and the joy that the gospel brings to individuals and families.

I love the people here! Everyone kisses everyone like all the time. IT's just the greeting of the culture. shaking hands is so mainland. So I am just afraid I am going to get back to the mainland and introduce myself to people by kissing them on the cheek and then I'll be totally embarrassed and they'll be confused and it will be super strange for everyone who is watch out when I get back!

I met this nice old guy this week and I invited him to learn more about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints and he politely refused. So I asked him what religion that he was. he told me that he channels light. then he held his hand up by me and said "see, I channel light". then he stopped and smiled and said "You've got a lotta light lady!!!!" haha made my week! it was super cute!

sorry that this week's letter is short. I emailed a lot of individual emails this week. fam bam I'll write you a handwritten letter. I gotta let my baby get on the computer :) love you tons!!

-Sister Hodgson

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