the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week 65- time flies!!

So sorry that last week's was so rushed! I didn't even get to talk about amazing book of Mormon reader. Okay so he came to church yesterday! yay! He just told his boss that he needed to have Sunday mornings off so he could go to church. SO we had a lesson with him this week and talked about the plan of salvation. He said that he loves everything that he is learning and it all fits perfectly with the things that he already felt in his heart. Last time that we had a lesson with him he said he was in ALMA 20. and this time he said he was in ALMA 43. and I was thinking "Ok, slowing down, only 23 chapters this week?" then I was like "wait, he still read 23 chapters!!! that's awesome!" then he told us "ya I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything so I started back at the beginning and read to alma 43" WHAT!? so he didn’t just read 23 chapters.....he read the whole book over again up till alma!!!! Amazing! he said he read for 8 hours straight once. He says he's watching the countdown at the bottom of the page till the Savior comes and he's always cheering for captain moroni and he's like "is he going to be okay?!" haha. so good!

This week we had zone conference and Elder Reis from the district videos came and gave us a training on how to plan. It was awesome! He taught us to really focus on the way that the brethren have intended us to plan. One of his assistants talked about not just planning to do "missionary things" but planning to do what the Savior would be doing. It was super good! Sister Warner talked about integrity and President Warner talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also had a fireside in Laie last night. All of the missionaries on this island got to come and hear Vai Seka hema speak. He was the first tongan drafted into the NFL. He is currently a stake president somewhere on the mainland. But he was so funny and inspirational and just talked about how the things that we learn on our mission will bless us for the rest of our life (and not just the spiritual things, but like speaking and time management and everything!) It was super good! And the view on the drive was breath taking...gotta love the islands!!

We met with a less active mother and her adult daughter who maybe forgot a little bit about living the word of wisdom we taught them about the word of wisdom and helped them to set goals for that  I love their faith and willingness to be obedient.

On an much less spiritual and much less mature note : this past week or so there have been HUGE swarms of gnats hanging out in case you have never had the pleasure of walking through huge swarms of gnats, I'll just tell you it is extremely unpleasant. We try to act as normal as possible in public....we just fan our faces, squint our eyes and don't breathe....but when we get back in the car i'm like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" i have one in my eye!!!! And we pick them out of each other’s hair and''s so gross!!!

Our ward is so awesome and supportive of the work here. Our ward mission leader is so dedicated and the ward missionaries are great! We have made so many friends here in the ward. the families who fed us lunch on Sunday packed us a sack dinner to take when we drove to Laie for the fireside that night! so thoughtful!

By the next time I email, we'll know transfer news!! We always go crazy to know! haha missionary life:)

love you mommy and daddy!

-Sister Hodgson

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