the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

64- A kinda wanna be hurricane

Hi Mom and Dad!

this week was slow...haha. The anticipation for the hurricane really threw everyone into a panic. everyone got there 72 hour kits together, the bread and granola bars couldn't stay on the shelf, and people were buying bottled water like they had a pet camel at home. It was crazy! Some gas stations even ran out of gas.....everyone was panicking.
(From her hand written letter : “ Walmart is PACKED right now, everyone is buying Rice, Water and SPAM! “  , “ we are the only sisters in the zone and are well taken care of”)

As for the missionaries, we were told to get our 72 hour kits together (along with a change of clothes, our journals and scriptures) and put them in our car. We had to be available by phone at all times in case we were given evacuation orders. We got a call Friday morning and the Zone leaders were like "it's been determined that your pad is not a safe place to be during a hurricane" (because we live down in a valley and they were worried about flooding. there is only one way in and one way out of the valley so they decided that we needed to get out) So they told us to leave our pad as soon as possible and head to the sisters' pad in makakilo (the next zone over).

Before we left  we hurried around and pulled all of our papers and beds and such away from the windows and then hurried to the car. we drove through some crazy rain and wind, but as soon as we got out of mililani it was all sunshine. we were like "what?" . so we stayed at the sisters pad all morning.....we were like " time......what do we do?" being a missionary, we schedule every 15 minutes of our day so we were just supposed to stay in the pad and do what?!!?? nothing........................ so we were a bit shocked at first but then we had fun. Thanks for the emergency chocolate mom:) 

We were kinda hoping that we would get to see a crazy hurricane blow a palm tree over....but nothing really exciting happened....just a little rain and wind. After a while we got the word that the storm had past and that we could return to work.

also, last night someone in our apartment complex was smoking pakalolo..O MAN it smelled so we lit matches all around our house to kill the smell.....eww! dont do drugs!!!

this week our super solid book of mormon reader didn't get to come to church because he got called into work:(

but he is still doing really great and we'l meet next week.

 love you all and aloha

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