the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 66- transfers and wondering if I am doing it right.....


Well we love PDAY….
We got to go and clean the battleship at Pearl Harbor  which was super fun as always!

We had some fun this week… We have this one sweet sister who comes out with us on visits a lot while she is preparing for her mission. we went to visit this one house but the lady wasn't interested so we turned and as we were walking away, my companion went to look at a sign that was hanging by the door. The other sister and I kept walking then my companion read the sign. it said "we shoot every third salesman..." and she turned around and ran to catch up with us so quickly!!! she was like "wait up!" haha

So this transfer was a 4 week transfer since a bunch were headed back to college life.  The next two are 7 week transfers and then we will be caught up and go back to 6 week transfers…..SO…. i guess I am going to go off island. I'm flying to Maui Wednesday morning. It looks like i will be team training a new missionary. So i'll be in a tripanionship I think. should be fun. so that's the news.
So in the mission when they train a new missionary they call them their “daughter”…the trainer is the “mother”.  Rachel’s whole group that came out 66 weeks ago have been “barren’  there has not been new proselyting sisters coming in … most go to the visitors center.  So she is so excited to train…to “be a mom”…she jokingly sent this picture to us saying “I am a mother !!

Our ward is so great. They have been getting very involved in the work and have been helping us a lot. I am going to miss these great people!

We had another lesson with our great book of Mormon reader. We taught about the word of wisdom. and he loved it and said he's cutting out caffeinated drinks and soda too. he's awesome! So then we still had time so we taught him the law of chastity and the law of tithing and he agreed to live all these laws and keep these commandments. He is so prepared! I am really going to miss having lesson with him!  

I am grateful for my weaknesses~they help me learn~ I just want to be able to do and be what the Lord expects of me and give everything to his work.

sorry this week's letter is so short and uninspiring. We have been finding out transfer news and such and I can't think of pretty much anything else. I promise that I am learning a lot and that we had a great week! but sorry that I couldn't convey that in this letter.

love you all!
-Sister Hodgson

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