the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WEEK 63- trips to Honolulu and Storm watch


this week we drove to honolulu a bajillion times! I did see a license plate from Cali

On Wednesday morning we drove to Honolulu. we had to wake up super early to get to the airport then transfer meeting. They had kept the news for this transfer a big secret so we found out who our companions were right there during the meeting. My new companion is sister   Tuimoala!!!! we served together in Kona, so I already know her and love her to pieces!( far right with the tag :)

So the next day (Thursday) we had a pretty normal day which was great! Because we haven't had a normal day since :)

Yes mom there is a little weather supposedly heading our way… a hurricane and a tropical storm..... Hurricane is el and tropical storm Julio.
 we are all good and prepared for it and we went over our emergency procedures with the zone this morning. I am in the very middle of the island so we'll be okay :) keep us all in your prayers ....especially pray that the elders don't eat all my spam if we have to hunker down together at the stake center haha

Friday morning we drove to Honolulu in the to practice for a missionary choir number that we would be singing at a funeral the next day. We also met with one great guy we are working with. He has been doing so well with his book of Mormon reading. he's in alma chapter 20!!!! ya!! awesome, right? he said that he believes that it is truly a book of scripture. He told us "it's no coincidence". He said that he is getting answers to his question. we love to see that! It is so great to hear him say how much happier that he is! he is so excited to learn more!

Saturday morning we drove to Honolulu to sing for the funeral. It was a really amazing experience to sing with so many talented missionaries. And we were led by Sister Warner, who used to be in the Mormon tabernacle that was a very cool experience.

Sunday. Church. But guess who beat us there? the alma chapter 20 guy. he is so awesome! He was like "i want to come see what church is like" and we said "okay" then he got to church before we did! that's what we love to see!

Monday morning we drove to Honolulu for the Missionary Leadership Council (MLC). It was wonderful, as always, to see President and Sister Warner. We received some great training on charity, and correcting with Love.

Then today we didn't drive to that's a relief:) haha. but we had to re-give the trainings from MLC to our Zone, so we had a meeting here in Mililani that took most of the morning anyway.

So it has been kind of a busy week.....and the schedule doesn't seem to be clearing up the for next few weeks as well. But Hey, we are loving it and having so much fun! I love being a missionary!

Oh and a great lady that we have been working with got baptized this past week! She was baptized on vacation to Idaho so her family could all be there to see (I know, leave Hawaii to go to Idaho.....I think she has the "vacation" idea backwards...haha) but we are SO HAPPY for her. It has been amazing to see her make these changes in her life and find so much more joy. she and her husband will now be working towards going to the temple. It is such a great journey that they will get to be on together :) (p.s. this is the girl that was living the word of wisdom and her husband hit the alcoholic lemonade out of her hands {i mentioned that a few weeks ago}.....awesome!!! great team work)

well, we have to head out! love you family!

-Sister Hodgson

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