the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, March 17, 2014

WEEK 43- Priesthood blessings

Mommy Questinos:
are their trials or things you learned when you are younger that you use now in the mission field.?
yes. just anything that I ever went through that was hard prepared me for now. In fact, I even think the easier stuff prepared me: everything that I have experienced up till this point has shaped me and made me more able to handle the struggles of life. And the things that I haven't learned yet, I am having to start  learning now. but something that I am learning is when we are experiencing something difficult, we can pray and ask Heavenly Father what He wants us to be learning from this.

tell us about your zones:'s a big island so we hardly see each other. but we have AWESOME zone leaders!!! Like Moroni/ Nephi status!

This week was good but tiring.

My companion is still feeling sick:( headaches, etc.

We went around and visited a lot of ward members with one of the sisters on the ward council, so that has been fun.
We even did some service in the rain.  A lady was sick and needed to weed the taro field...soooo...yeah getting some service can make you smile!!
It has been really cold here! But we have our heaters and blankets, so we're okay.

We went to go visit one lady this week and she just hugged me so tightly and said that she was feeling so sick. She can hardly breathe! I think she has asthma and allergies and used to smoke so her lungs are not working properly. We sat down on the couch and then she slid down to the floor and just laid her head in my lap and cried. She felt that my feet were cold, so she pulled my foot into her lap and warmed my foot up. she kept holding my legs and kissing my knees and crying. I was embarrassed at first. but I knew that the didn't want to hold my feet because of anything that I , Rachel, had done, but she wanted to hold my feet because I was a missionary. It was a really humbling experience. the people here are so humble and loving. we called and some brothers in the ward came over to give her a blessing. It was really neat. by the time they got there, she was coughing nonstop. literally. she couldn't even talk anymore. but as they gave her the blessing, she was able to breathe, and by the end, she could say "thank you brothers."

AS I thought
back about that experience, I realized that I am so grateful for the Priesthood, so that people can be given blessings. and I love the humble people of Hawaii!

sorry this week's letter is so short! love you all! Transfers next week....????

-Sister Hodgson
PS mom thanks for the new clothes are fun , you start to get pretty tired of the "same old same old"

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