the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 42- the book of Hodson

The book of Hodgson
-An account of SIster Hodgson. Her journeys in her days of preaching amongst the people of the isles of the sea.-
Chapter 1
Sister Hodgson journeys to the land of Kona. She Finds strength in the Lord. She is joyful in her labors in the land of Kona. She humbles herself and returns to Waimea.
1Now behold, it came to pass that there began to be much contentions and disentions amongst the sisters of the kona zone, wherefore it became expedient for the leaders of the zone to organize an emergency exchange.
2And it came to pass that on the morrow, behold the exchange did commence and I did make her journey to the land of Kona, to proclaim the gospel there with Sister Lebaron.
3And behold, I did find great joy and gladness in the work of the Lord in the land of Kona. For behold, the work did prosper amongst the people there. For the sisters who had gone before did work with much dilligence, and with exceeding faith.
4And when the time that was beforehand determined for the exchange to end, behold, the leaders did find it expedient to continue the exchange. And I did remain in the land of Kona all the next day.
5And it was the evening of the second day since I took my journey to the land of Kona, when the leaders of the zone sent out a proclamations amongst all of the missionaries in the land that there would be another exchange which would commence that evening.
6Now behold, this did gladen my heart, yea, verily, I did proceed to shout for joy at these glad tidings. For behold, I had found great joy in the work of the Lord in the land of Kona.
7And it came to pass that Sister Uasila'a-vaha returned to her home land of Kona, and verily, she was exceedingly confused at the things which had transpired over the past two days.
8For behold, she had been in another land, and did not know of all the things which did come to pass in the land of Kona. Therefore, it became expedient for me to account all of the things that sister LeBaron and I had seen and heard in this land. And Behold, I was also exceedingly confused, because I was not well aquianted with the land of Kona.
9But we did rely on the Lord to strengthen us in accomplishing His work. And behold, we did see much success in the land, and found much Joy in the Lord our God.
10And we did sing praises unto Him all the day long.
11And when the time came for my journey back to the land of Waimea, my heart was exceedingly sorrowful. For I had grown to love the people of Kona, having spent four of my last eight days in this beautiful land.
12But behold, I knew that I must return to the land of my residence, to fulfil all that the Lord should require me to do there. Therefore, I did find need to humble myself, and put forth my trust in the Lord. For He had hitherto shown unto me that His ways were higher than my ways. Therefore, I did make my journey back to the land of Waimea.
haha that was so much fun!!!
So I love Kona to pieces! it is warm there and the sister there work so hard- like no luch break status!!!!!!!!!!! it was fantistic!!!!! I learned a lot on the exchanges. Our sister training leaders are awesome! Oh, also we got to go running down ALI'I drive which was fantastic!!! I haven't been running in forever. Sister Willis is still sick, but she went to the doctor this week and got some help. SO that's the gist of this week.
Sister Hodgson

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