the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, March 24, 2014

week 44- "I have never been so happy to see a Samoan with a Machette on my porch"

So it was 12:30ish in the morning, and my companion was like "Hodgson, come here." I got out of bed, super confused but followed her to the front room. Then I heard it- the knocking on the door. I didn't want to assume, but I figured that it was the same guy who had visited us before. My companion pulled back the curtains, and YUP it was him. He said "open the door"...........No.......... I had that much figured out. So I just told him "we're sleeping right now. This is a bad time. Sorry." and we walked back to our bedroom. He kept knocking and talking to us "Sisters, sisters! I'm a poor wayfaring man! shame on you.....shame on you......" we made it back to our room and we were both shaking violently. We called our bishop- no answer. Our 2nd councilor- no answer. The elders- no answer.......then we called the elders again and they picked up. I was like "come over to our pad right now" "what? why?" (I can imagine that he was pretty confused) "there's a guy here at our door and he won't leave." so he said that they'd be right there.When the elders got here. they called and said they were outside, so we opened the door to find the Samoan elder wielding a machete......o my goodness......they're so great! so one of the elders stayed on our porch while we locked up all the windows and the other searched all around our house and the church property and made sure that he was gone. We felt much safer after that. But we sure couldn't fall asleep for a while:)

 There is a lady that makes "name tags" for the missionaries.  We can't really wear them , but they are awesome!
 We had a meeting with some of the ward leaders to go through the ward list this week.......5 hours long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh boy!
 We have been tracting a lot this week, trying to find people who need prayers. We met a great family who had just been going through some old stuff and found a gift from the husband's late brother, and then the brother's favorite song played on the radio, then we knocked on the door a few minutes later. We got to say a prayer with them and share a little bit about Heavenly Father's plan for us and our families. They were really appreciative. It is neat to see how Heavenly Father will prepare people to meet missionaries and to learn more about the gospel.  
 It has been SO RAINY here! We go out and do as much as we can, then when we get so wet that people won't let us in their house anymore, we go home and change then head back out again. It has been interesting. I am so excited to be transferring to a sunny place!
This is Bishop and Sister Harriss.  they take such good care of us!!  I Love this family!

I have been packing this week, and I'll be flying out of Kona at 6:14am on Wednesday morning. I am going to Mililani with one of my MTC roommates Hermana F.

 I have started to say some good byes...these are my KAPUNAS  (The term has been stated to be the embodiment of natural respect . . . . a practitioner of aloha (love), pono (righteousness), malama (caring), and spirituality)


President Warner came to visit us this week. It is always so great to have him come!

until next week-from Oahu
Sister Hodgson

 Good by to Hawaii....."big Island".......Aloha!

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