the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

week 41- Boxes

This week went by very quickly!!!

On Tuesday, we had district meeting. For the motivational activity before the district meeting started, some elders had set up a game of "water pong" was actually super fun! haha
 sis willis and I won.!!!

..... it was nice because I got us all rehydrated......then during the closing song a few people had to get up to use the restroom:) fun stuff.

Then on Friday, we had Zone conference!!! and finally, on Friday, our shower got fixed!!!! Yay no more cup showers!!!!!!! President talked about how we are all in this "box" of missionary work. we can move around as freely as we want inside the box, but we can't go outside of the box- break the rules. He talked about how we all slip outside of it a little bit here and there, and what we need to do is get back inside. But when we get Way outside of the rules and do something crazy, then we get put in the "not trusted" box....and he drew a little tiny box. He said that is where he puts you with a companion that he knows will watch you closely, and you get "babysat". He talked about how we can repent and change and eventually get back into the big box- the trusted box. But it we're not willing to do that or if we are still being crazy, then we get into another little box....and he drew an airplane on the chalk board. That's for when people get sent home. So we all laughed, but it really was a good point. It is a special opportunity to be out here and we don't want to blow it by breaking all of the rules. Rules are there to keep us safe. Heavenly Father gives us commandments so that He can bless us as we keep them, and so we can be happy.
here is a picture of our DL and sister Willis and I :)   ( being happy :)

Saturday was exchanges! I went down to Kona with sister UV. It was really fun! She is such a happy and positive person! I love being around happy people. it just makes me......happy!!!! So that was fun- and hot. Kona's hot.

Sister Willis has been pretty sick these past couple of days. She has been really good at just pushing through it, but yesterday she was exhausted! So our day consisted of ward council meeting, church, a lunch appointment, then coming back home. She needed a  nap. Then we went to see three little girls' baptism, then we went back home and she napped a little bit more. poor thing has just been so sick! we did our studies then had dinner and went to bed. We are going to take her into the doctor tomorrow. They think part of it might be that our house is old and we'll have to see!

Aloha loa
-Sister Hodgson

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