the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 33- Tracting brings surprises and Happy 2014

Well it rained cats and dogs all of new years day, so we went down to Kona and played some great fun party games with all of the other missionaries. Then we went outside to see the fireworks and like 1 minute to midnight, we all posed for a picture, then a huge sprinkler went across and sprayed us all right in the face!!! The photographer still took the picture....needless to say she captured some pretty hilarious faces!! ( hoping she will send some of those later)
Then on new years day we got to sleep in till 8:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the best day of my life!!!!!!! haha not really but it was nice! Then we played a marshmallow shooting game with pvc pipes. We did every man for himself, then civil war style: we just lined up and shot volleys back and forth....then Vietnam crawling across the ground. it was so much fun! and we got to watch a movie!!! Ephraim’s rescue!!! it was good!! and so  fun to watch a movie!
Isaiah, our recent convert gave one of his friends a book of Mormon and he invited him to meet with us!! He is so solid!! He loves what the gospel has done for him and he wants to share that.
So tracting (knocking door to door) is such a miracle. There are thousands upon thousands of houses in waimea, and multitudes of people in each house. The odds of finding any one particular person, at any one given time in any one specific house are very guess who we found? yup, that's right- the drunk guy who woke us up a few weeks ago!!!! We were almost done tracting, but we were like "just one more house". As I raised my hand to knock on the door, and just before i knocked, I saw, through the window beside the door THE GUY!!!!! I'm pretty sure the look on my face as we met eyes was a look of terror, fear, panic and shock!!! I quickly composed myself as he opened the door and our conversation ensued. He went on to mock our moral standards and whatever else but then he offered a sweet prayer for "these beautiful women" (said with a drunken slur). As we left he made one last comment "well, now you know where I live......Cause I know where you live!!" hahahahaha we have the funnest times tracting
well, we have to go buy coats and mittens.............we're so cold 24/7....haha this isn't quite what I expected of Hawaii, but we did not  Pack for this!
-Sister Hodgson

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