the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

week 34 - One Haole girl!

okay so this week i got to go down to Kona on exchanges with the sister training leader! It was so much fun!! The missionaries down there are really positive and super kind! I just felt so energized!
down in Kona, we had a lesson with a little Filipino man and when we were leaving he gave me a hug and said "you are one small American!" haha we laughed our head off...the sister training leader is pretty tall. he hugged her and said "and my big American!" so funny!
Lahi wore a dress to church for the first time this week. Isaiah got the priesthood! and our new friend, Emily wants to be baptized in February! that's our big news updates. and so here's my shout out to ISAIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He found our blogs on line)...... : Congratulations on receiving the Priesthood Isaiah! let us know when you read this haha:) and tell Kira that auntie says hi!
Okay, so right now, we are in Kona again with the sister training leader's companion. The Sister trainer had to fly to Oahu early this morning for a leadership meeting so we are in a tripanionship for the day. we drove down and stayed the night last night, but she'll be back this evening.

Our president flew over this week and had a training meeting for all of the ward and stake leaders. It was so great! he is such a relatable guy. He makes everyone feel comfortable, because he is humble. But he knows how to motivate and inspire people. We have had a lot of people this week asking how they can help, volunteering to come out with us, and work with us. The work is hastening!

  Sister P and I both were at Heidi Greenwoods Funeral here in Utah.  She is on the rugby team with Dana and Sarina .  So we wrote HG on the lava rocks because we were thinking of her.
 So Heavenly Father is so good! Just so everyone knows that.  you remember Isaiah? The investigator who found us by walking into the church? Well, we thought that was awesome, but Heavenly Father knew loves to surprise a few nights ago, we got a knock at our door. There was a man who was new to the area. He and his wife had just gotten jobs in our town and he had a few questions for us. The conversation turned towards the gospel and now he and his wife are meeting with us to learn about the gospel! So Heavenly Father is LITERALLY placing people on our porch that want to learn more ! We feel so blessed!
Questions: what are some mission and personal goal for the new year?
I want to be more bold in talking to people. (in the last week we've made a lot of progress on this goal! we've been talking to a lot of new people). Also, I want to develop more charity for everyone I know and meet.
What is eating like? well, when we feed ourselves, we eat Mexican food and a lot of Asian pears and oranges....and carrots. when members feed us, we really get fed. Let's just say we had 10 dinner appointments scheduled for this week. yes, I know, there aren't even ten days in a week....yes.  we eat with members,and less active members alike. our ward mission leader schedules for us. he is so great.

I love Hawaii and the culture, but I can't seem to understand some of the language still. We were at our bishop's house for dinner, and his son was telling us about a pier in Kauai. He mentioned something that sounded like this "chu ge' one shack". I was like "you get shocked?" like thinking there was a lot of lightning by this pier. he repeated "no, des won shak". Still confused, I asked again "shocked?" He emphasized again "SHAK"" ....oh....shark. There is a shark." I am so haole! they all totally laughed at me!
Well, that's all for this week!
love you!
-Sister Hodgson

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