the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WEEK 32- Baptism and a wedding

Aloha!!!!! this was the chillest Christmas of my life!!!! I was like where is the schedule? I was saying how I missed all the aunts hustling and bustling us around from activity to activity and I missed Stephanie's home-made caramel........Then I got a package in the mail from them with the caramels!!!!!!!!!!! what?! it was so awesome! thanks steph!. I kinda  miss real Christmas! But it has some cool things as a missionary too.

we got transfer news! Sister P and I are staying here together another transfer! that is so against all odds! but we know that we are both staying for a reason. We know that there is a lot of work to be done here.

“I” got baptized this week! He was so ready. His little daughter was with him, and while he was getting dressed we walked her over to see the font. We explained how her dad would go down in the water and get baptized. she was like "Daddy's going to be a mermaid?".......  . After He was baptized, he got dressed and then he came up to share his testimony. About a month ago he was totally lost. He had no purpose in his life. He has come so far from that day. It has been amazing to see the change. Now he has a family in the ward, now he knows what he wants to do with his life. He feels more at peace, and more in control of his anger. He is really a miracle!

We also got to see a wedding this week. Two of the ward members tied the knot at our ward mission leaders home! It was so beautiful. They are planning on the temple next year! They had both been married before and together they have a total of 9 kids. They are so meant to be together! All of the bridesmaids (their daughters) and the groomsmen (sons) were dressed in blue aloha print and the whole thing was just lovely! We love their family.

We went on exchanges again this week. Sister T joined me up here. She is serving in Kona. We had a blast! We always learn a lot on exchanges.

My most difficult moment on my mission:
I'd probablly have to say, there wasn't just one moment, but some reoccurring themes.
-Inadequacy- feeling like I can't do this work well enough. Feeling like I should be perfect but not being able to achieve that
-Disagreements- It is hard when you and the person that you need to be with 24/7 disagree on something. whether it is obedience level, what to do when an unexpected event comes up, etc. Communication is so key!!! and Charity. If you are both praying for charity, then the Lord will help you to find compromises. If you really are trying to develop a love for that person, the Lord will help.

And during all of my toughest times, when I can't stand it anymore, I just kneel. PRAYER WORKS!!!! in fact, I'm fairly convinced that it's the only thing that does:) Heavenly Father LOVES YOU!!!! He loves all of us. If we just turn to Him, we can find all of the peace that we need.

My thoughts on Christmas:
I am so grateful that Jesus Christ gave himself as the best gift of all. He was born, so that He could give His life for all of us. That was His purpose. To give, serve, love and set the perfect example for all of us. That's why Christmas is about giving, serving, and loving. And when we don't have the best day ever, when we don't get everything right, when we need a friend He is right there for us- to love us. That is the best Christmas gift of all.

 Much love and aloha!
-Sister Hodgson

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