the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WEEK 35- Goals and the Temple

So, on Sunday night, like I mentioned, we stayed the night in Kona. Then Monday we stayed the night again because Tuesday we had our meeting in Kona in the morning. oh, ya and for pday we played volleyball and got shave ice! it was awesome!!! So then, when went on exchanges again. I stayed in Waimea and took sister Uasila'a-vaha back with me.

This week we have just been focusing a lot on how much our   baptism has been a blessing in our lives. Thus we have been trying to help people to set a goal date for when they want to be baptized so that they have something to work towards. At the beginning of this week, only C had a set date. But on Tuesday J and K set dates to make those covenants; on Thursday T and Ta set dates; on Friday J set a date and on Saturday K made the same decision, to make that a part of her life.   It has been amazing to see how many people are ready to take that step. They just need a goal to work towards. It motivates them! That is why it is so important to set specific goals! In our district this week we have all four set the goal to not crack our knuckles! haha and we account to each other each night. that is another thing about goals: they are easier to stick to if you have someone to account to! And the third thing that I have learned about goals this week is to shoot for the moon! When you set a goal, set it to stretch yourself! As you put forth your best effort, and ask for the Lord's help, you can achieve so much more than you think! So push yourself! "There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone"!

Our mission president did a big training on member missionary work, and we have really seen a difference! We have had a lot more members coming to us to see how they can help with the work. It has been going well!

This week, while we were tracting, we met this one lady who spent the whole time telling us how we were in a cult and just didn't know because we were to young and deceivable....and how if we ever wanted to get out she could help us. I  personally  believe that Jesus is the Son of our Heavenly Father....especially considering how He prayed to God, and specifically asked His Father to forgive the men who crucified Him. According to her conclusion, I'm going to Hell. But I told her, that if Im going to hell, I  will have some  good  company:) It was a very nice conversation....I've never been told that I was going to Hell in such a nice way. We thanked her for her kindness and concern. I just told her that I am doing my best to do what I know is right. and she got super upset and told us that it isn't about what we do at all, but it is about Jesus and We can't get to heaven by what we do. true.....but I know that faith without works is dead, so I am going to work to show my faith in my Savior. I know that I absolutely need His grace and mercy to achieve anything, but I know that He expects me to try hard and learn and grow while I'm here on earth. Hence, the importance of goal setting, once again.

We had interviews with the President on Friday, and then we had Cs baptism  It was good to see president and Sister Warner again. They just checked

in to see how we were doing. It has been a great transfer.  So that's good. Then everything went well with Caryssa's baptism. she was pretty excited and then -in the Hawaiian style- there was a big dinner afterwards:)

We went to the temple today!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful! After the session I just sat for a long long time and enjoyed the peace. Then I double checked the chandeleir- it's still broken:) haha
Well, as I've mentioned, I've been thinking about goals a lot this week. I have a strong testimony that Heavenly Father wants us to set and reach our goals. He wants us to succeed. He wants us to be happy. And he provides a way! He already knows who He wants us to be. He already knows how we can get there. He paves the road to our potential; we just need to walk it! And we have the promise that we never have to walk alone. Our Brother and Savior, Jesus Christ will walk the road of our refinement with us. And if needed, He will carry us. I know, because I have felt the times in my life when He has carried me.
So, set some goals, and invite Heavenly Father's help. He'll never let us down
Aloha nui loa
-Sister Hodgson

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