the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 13- Car trips, blessings ,the Hospital and a surprise visit

This week was eventful.
Monday was p-day and we carpooled like EVERYBODY and their companions to EVERYWHERE! We felt like soccer moms! We had 3 companion ships that we would drop off at and pick up from libraries and stores and anywhere so that we could all get everything done. We also went on a hike.
Tuesday I woke up with tons of bug bites on my arms and legs.
Wednesday we had interviews with the mission president. He is so nice and caring. I also had more bug bites on my arms and legs.
Thursday a sweet old lady from our ward called and told us that her uncle had been in a car accident and was in the ICU. We drove to the hospital and met her there. The zone leaders gave her a blessing. It was such a sweet blessing, and the spirit was so strong in that tiny little hospital room. He passed away this Sunday.
Friday we locked ourselves out of our apartment and had to drive downtown to get the spare key. They gave us the spare key and some bug spray for our apartment.
Saturday we found out the bug spray totally didn't work. I still had bites all over. Also, Saturday night we went to our dinner appointment and I saw the sister cooking two giant slabs of meat, which I assumed would be split between the 6 of us. I assumed incorrectly. Everyone got their own giant slab of chicken. Which is super unfortunate because my companion cant digest chicken. so We finished dinner and sped home. We made it just in time before she threw up. Haha, she has been so good for me. Then the zone leaders came over to give her a blessing. Poor thing. Her stomach is very temperamental.
Sunday sister M  was feeling better, but I had new bug bites. I even sprayed myself with bug spray right before I went to bed! I don't know what's happening. Anyway, Sister M four elders and I sang in Sacrament meeting. It went well. Then after church I came home to find a note on my door from Lindsay and Jonathan!!!!!!!!! about a half hour later, Jonathan knocked at my door!!! It was so fun to see him! Don't worry mom, we totally got a picture :) Well, I’m out of time. there is never enough time to email! love you all!
-Sister Hodgson


  1. Sister Hodgson, I sure hope you don't have Bed Bugs in your apt. I am so impressed by your spirit and good attitude. Keep it up and I will keep following! It is so wonderful that you are serving the Lord I am proud to know you and your brother!
    Love always
    Lynda Cramer

  2. You look radiant Rachel! Hmmmm... the bug bites. My aunt had some great stuff up in Idaho that didn't smell like bug spray and worked amazing. I'll have to get the name. We are praying for you! We love you!