the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, August 26, 2013

WEEK 14- one ambulance, one firetruck, 2 under cover cop cars, and 6 honolulu police

We went on a great hike this week to see some waterfalls and the ruins of King Kamehameha's summer palace. It was awesome. 
 Also, we had some very filling dinner appointments. When we left one dinner I leaned over and whispered to Sister M "I have chicken in my pocket" and we both laughed a ton. The next day, we left our appointment and I whispered to Sister M "I have a tortilla in my shirt". We're getting very creative. We can't eat as much as some people think. We had bean burritos in our bags. Sister M has taught me a lot:)

Well we got to call 911 twice this week.....that's not normal.
The first call was to report one of our neighbors. Let's just say, don't beat your children. It works out better for everyone that way. Our call to 911 was super calm. they answered and we said "non emergency" so they transferred us to someone else and they sent the police right  over.
The second call was for something a bit more crazy.
We're all okay and the police took care of everything but not much detail is needed.
Sister Mottl and I went to the park next to our pad for morning excersize. We split up, as usual, so that we could go at our own pace, but we still stayed within eye sight. As I was started my first lap, I looked up and saw a man awkwardly standing beneath the tree about 20 feet in front of me. He startled me because I hadn't noticed that he was there before. I realized that he wasn't moving, then I saw the rope around his neck. He had hanged himself from the tree. I ran SO fast towards sister Mottl, it was probablly olympic speed. We ran back to our pad and called 911. I always thought that if I had to make a 911 phone call I would be calm and be able to clearly explain the situation. Boy, was I wrong. I was hyperventilating like CRAZY and trying to gasp out sentences. I couldn't remember my address correctly, but luckily they figured it out. The police and fire department and ambulance all came and they taped up caution tape all over our sweet little park.We said a prayer and gathered ourselves. We went out and worked the rest of the day like normal, but I had an awful time trying to fall asleep that night. I was too afraid to close my eyes. I prayed so hard that night, and was finally able to get some sleep. Mommy, thank you for the flower lights that you sent in the greenie package. They are so helpful because I am now terrified of the dark...and trees.
We are all doing better today with the excitement of transfers to distract us, but it was not a fun experience. Well, sister Mottl will be going to Maui on Wednesday, and I will be staying here. I love this ward and am glad to be here. I just wish that I was a little further away from that park.
Oh and I got a note and some AWESOME bug spray from a sweet sister who used to live in Loomis I think. That was so sweet of her. And we killed a tick and a spider that we found in my bed. life is hard:) I'll get over it.
Love you all tons!
-Sister Hodgson


  1. Oh my goodness! Sweet Rachel! Life is a difficult journey and seeing someone at that place in their struggle must really reinforce how much people need to understand that every soul is valuable and that sharing God's love is a really important job! Lots of prayers headed her way...

  2. Poor Poor Rachel. so sad that the reality of the sad and lonely had to hit you so hard in the face. This is why you are there. You are preventing more of what you saw that scared you so bad. You were raised by goodly parents who shielded you from the brutal side of life. That is good. But know that Heavenly Father is there with you and You will feel the Love and comfort of the Savior. Remember you are a fisher woman of lost souls.