the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Thursday, August 15, 2013

WEEK 12 - Car troubles like crazy

Our poor car has been through a lot this week! On Tuesday night, we got out of an appointment to find that we had a flat tire. I was like "o cool I know how to fix this." haha apparently not. We got it jacked up alright but we didn't loosen the bolts before so we had to start over. We were right down the street from some ward members so we ran over to their house and brother D came outside to help us. He jacked it up again and got the tire off then it TIPPED OVER off of the Jack! It landed on the Axel and bent the roter in !? (I dont really know what I'm talking about but I think that's what they said.) Any way, we jacked it up again then it fell over again! Brother D ran back to his house to get his jack. while we were waiting by the car, some guy walked up to us and informed us that "it's bad for the car to just sit on the axel like that" and that we "should jack it up and put the tire back on" -----no kidding.............. that's kinda what we were trying to do haha. We had a good laugh about that all later. we didnt drop it on the axel on purpose!!!
oh well. it was pretty funny. Then brother D came back, got it jacked up and put the spare tire on. We had to take the car into the shop the next day. There wsa a shard of metal in the tire and it the hole couldn't be repaired. They replaced the tire and bent the roter back away from the axel.......I think? We also had to take the car to the shop on Friday to get the window wiper fluid motor fixed. It took about 5 hours!!! So we did a bit of walking this week while our poor car was in the shop, which slows down the work a bit but still a great week!
R  is actually in the zone leaders area so they will get to teach her now. Sister M and I taught her for the first week then we did team teaching with the zone leaders for the second week, and now they will take over. We are going to miss seeing her, but we still pray for her and we'll stay in touch I'm sure.
We got to go on a hike this morning! One of the elders lost his cell phone so we all gathered together to say a prayer  then two elders retraced the hike backwards ----which was impressive because there wasn't a trail----- and they found it!!!! Prayer works! don't ever doubt it!! According to our faith, and Heavenly Father's will, miracles happen!

Our new we are now teaching N and he came to church this week! I think he really enjoyed it. It was so sweet to see one of the new families in our ward talking to him and getting to know him. I think they'll be great friends! It is so much easier to have a good Sunday if you don't feel lonely and left out. It is super nice when they can feel welcome and befriended when they come.
we'll this last hour went by WAY to quickly. I'm already out of time. I hope Rebecca, Caroline and Trent had a great time in FIji!!!!!
love, Sister Hodgson

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