the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, November 3, 2014

WEEK 76- whatewa ( Ewa is pronouced eva)

HEY! so I love life everyday here!

today we kicked off the week with our Yoga class again! 
then we went as a district to get our flu shots......I almost passed out.........shots stress me out! then we all got shave ice because we didn't pass out getting our shots haha.

funny moment this week: we were going to meet some new families. we finally found the address of one and we knocked on the door. the dad eagerly opened the door, then his face changed as he said "you're not the pizza man"........sorry sir..... haha.

We had a dinner with a wonderful family this week and they invited their friend over to dinner. after dinner we shared a little spiritual thought and invited the friend to meet with us to learn more about the gospel. he said he'd think about it. Then we invited him to pray and ask God if it was a good time for him to learn more about the companion  promised him that if he would read the scriptures and pray every day that blessings would come into his life. the member added his testimony and said "you have just been promised, by an authorized servant of the Lord, that if you do these things blessings would come into your life. and I add my testimony and promise to that that not only will the blessings come into your life but you will be able to see them and recognize them IF you are willing to do these things." the spirit was so strong........ it was such a privilege to be in that room and feel the spirit.

We had a Japanese dinner this week. my companion is Japanese and one of the elders is half Japanese so they loved it.....the haole elder and I made it okay....we struggled a bit with the chopsticks but not too bad. mom and dad- thank you for teaching me how to use chopsticks!!!!!!for real! life skills! so we got to try a bunch of little colorful pickled veggie kine things that I have no idea what they were.....but they tasted alright.

This Sunday was fast Sunday......the last fast Sunday on my mission! so next fast Sunday, I want to have a spot saved in the Rocklin chapel right in between mommy and daddy! well, I'm out of time, but I am loving it here!!!  time to SPRINT!!

-Sister Hodgson

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