the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WEEK 75- EWA beach....and a little trunky

So we love EWA so much!!!!!!!!! it is a kind of harder area.....we work our little bottoms off to get the result of a lazy week in other areas. but it is so great. we love the ward. the bishop and ward mission leader are so on top of it! we get fed every night! oh, and here in Ewa there are like a million airplanes all the time.............which does tend to make one a little trunky but I'll keep focused and keep working. ( I am looking forward to a hair cut and pedicure- those little things that have just not been the focus …)Seriously though, we see like 20 airplanes a day! we are right in between two airports so it's busy!

so funny story of this week. the day of our ward trunk or treat I guess sister Yasufuku and I were both thinking Halloween themed when we got dressed so we both wore black dresses. then we drove out to our area and got out of the car to start our visits. I looked at sister y's dress, then looked at mine then I was like " *gasp* we look like nuns!!!!...........we changed later but we had a good giggle.

 my earache turned into like the trial of my life last week haha. It was seriously one of the most painful things I've ever experienced! Then just as my left ear got better, I got it in my right ear too. but the right ear healed much faster…..dodging some fast balls…but I have gotten tough!

the ward trunk of treat was so fun!   We dreseed up as each other...hahah  ( so creative) One of the less active members that we have been working with came to the activity with her daughter and grand son. and then she came to church on Sunday! yay!!! It is so good to see people making great progress in their lives in spite of hardships or struggles.

we met with a lady this week and she asked about the ten commandments, so we went through the commandments then she asked a question, she said "what happens if we dont keep the 10 commandments" to which we replied. "well, then we can't have the blessings, we want to  live with our Heavenly Father again." she replied "oh okay....that's it?" and I was thinking "THAT"S IT????? what other it is there??? isn't that the only it we should ever be interested in obtaining??? eternal happiness and Joy with our families, living in the presence of our God for all of eternity?!"???
So it just reminded me that that really is the most important thing. we really should try to keep our focus on the eternal perspective. that is our goal- to live with our Heavenly Father again. and we need to not loose focus on that! It is amazing how when we are "teaching" other people, how much I learn.

well, we are finding more people who want to meet with us. Heavenly Father always answers prayers. we have seen many miracles this week….as mom says  time to SPRINT!!
I  want to give every last bit of my heart and mind to this work!!

love you all!

love, Sister Hodgson

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