the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 71- ...and sometimes it rains......

Sorry for the short letter last week….we went on a hike!  This is a picture of our zone….

Except for the 4 elder son Malaki island…they skype in for meetings J

So this week has been  much better. I love President Warner! He is always so helpful whenever any of his missionaries are struggling (well he's always so helpful all of the time, but especially if you are struggling! ) I got to talk to him on the phone this week and he gave me some great help and advice.   It is still very warm here but we LOVE our island.  Lahaina ROCKS!

We have a new Senior couple the Beddards- they are awesome!! They work with Less active members of our ward and  inspect apartments and a little of everything!

So we went tracting again this week. Which is always fun because here in Hawaii people have like 4 or 6 front doors (not even kidding!) I'll have to send a picture some time. But it is expensive to live here so sometimes there are like 4 families in one home. so any ways, tracting is like you walk up to the house, knock on like 3 doors then just step back so you can see if any one answers any of them haha. it's fun! 

Also we started teaching a lady named  V........ya so that's cool because she doesn't really speak english and we don't speak Spanish. and she can only meet in the morning and the people in our ward that speak Spanish can only meet at night so we have had two lessons without a translator! haha. So we do a lot of reading. The first lesson we read the introduction to the book of Mormon then I was like "ummm......el libro de mormon padre celestial? is otro tesimento de Jesu will make you felice? and ummm help your familia. " she was like "si" GREAT! so "oramos?" hahaha

This is the girls : Sister Mitchel ( the greenie), me, sister Beddard , the sister on exchanges with me and sister Harris.

We have a new Senior couple the Beddards- they are awesome!! They work with Less active members of our ward and inspect apartments and a little of everything!
They took us out to lunch on Friday. they are so sweet. They gave us homemade chocolate chip cookies and pocket size scented hand sanitizer with sparkles in it... that's like all of my favorite things at the same time! it pretty much made my day.

we got to teach the sweet older lady from Persia again this week. and we helped her to clean her house afterwards......we were in our church clothes again (of course!!) but it is just always so funny to be like scrubbing floors and mopping etc in a dress....It makes me feel like Cinderella! but I try not to sing as much as her so I don’t annoy people haha.

This week we have been teaching a great sister, S. She has been reading the book of Mormon and says she always feels so good when she does. She said that she is not much of a reader but she is doing great with the book of Mormon! She came to the Womens conference on Saturday. if any one didn't get a chance to watch that, go watch it!!!!! …it was awesome!!

Also, one day this week, my comp and I came home for lunch and she took a little nap. Whenever I have time alone, it is a good opportunity for me to pray and ponder, so I was saying a little prayer and I looked up to see outside on our porch it was raining!!!!!! I love the rain and it hardly ever rains here! so I went out to the porch and just enjoyed the rain. It was a nice little reminder that Heavenly Father loves us! and he cares about us! And he always gives us reminders of is love. For me, that day, the rain was just a little reminder that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and cares about me. He loves each of us individually!

Love you familia!

-Sister Hodgson

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