the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, April 21, 2014

WEEK 48- I am super old and we hit a horse :)

This week was fun!!! Monday, my companion decorated our house all birthday-ee . It was super cute! Then, Tuesday was my birthday and we had our missionary district meeting....which turned into a party! The elders wore party hats, we sang, had lunch and cake.....the whole deal!!!!!! Then we went to visit some people. It was a good day. Then we had dinner with a great family and they had soft tacos (YAY!!!! We never get mexican food!) and chocolate cake! haha it was a great day! Then sister Richardson and I had a balloon fight (it's way more fun than a pillow fight)! So now i'm 20.....weird! 

On Wednesday, we went to serve at Pearl Harbor. We swept this huge deck on the ship! It was awesome. Then we carried choke mattresses down into the ship for the bunks down there. they were heavy!!! We made a chain and were passing them to each other. One elder threw a mattress to the next elder and hit him in the face with the mattress and he got a nose bleed haha:) Then we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. It is always fun to see a different area and meet new people:)

It was great to see so many people at church this week!! One family that we have been working with, who haven't been to church in a long time CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!

We met this great Samoan family this week who just welcomed us in and let us sit down and got us so much food and were so nice!!! haha there are just such hospitable people in the world!

Also I realized this week that I don't feel comfortable in houses with my shoes on anymore haha. some one was like "oh you can leave your shoes on" and I was like "thanks" and like two minutes later my shoes were off. haha I can't stand makes me feel uncomfortable:) haha

One time this week we had to call our zone leaders and they didn't pick up their phone so sister Richardson left them a message that went something like this "Hi elders....umm, we....well, we got in an's a pretty interesting one- well, we...we hit a horse. And we just don't know how to fill that out on the accident report form, so if you could call us back as soon as possible....the police are waiting on us. okay, bye." hahaha I love my companion!

Easter was wonderful! I am so grateful for our Savior, who came to this earth to live for us, and to die for us. I am so grateful that He lives again. Because of Him, we can all live again. everyone watch the Easter video on It's fantastic!

Love you all!
love, Sister Hodgson

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