the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WEEK 47- walking and hot pockets

well this Friday we had a car fast. so everyone in the mission parked their cars for the day and walked everywhere. they told us that it was to 1.) help us appreciate our cars more and 2.) to allow us to talk to more people on the streets. I think it was also 3.) to save miles and 4.) because we all need the exercise. haha it is hawaii:) So basically we worked around our apartment area in the morning, then had lunch, then headed to our other area which was a two hour walk away. it was fun. Then we walked all over the place to visit people and talk with people and have lessons. We went into the church to get a drink and use the restroom and we found hot pockets in the fridge!!!! so we had a small snack break:) haha that was the most heavenly hot pocket i've ever eaten! we we're super hungry and out of energy. Who knew splitting a ham and cheese hot pocket would save the day.

We are getting to know the area and the members. We can finally find our way around. The VOG is still bad, as usual, and it is making my companion very sick. So we've been working through it, but she's been pretty miserable:( poor thing. She is a trooper though, and always wants to keep working.

I am loving my mission so much! it is so hard, but there are so many moments of Joy. So , here's my random analogy for the week: The atonement is not only for our sins, but also for our mistakes and weaknesses. Take typing an email for example. I don't know how to spell pneumonia, Sanhedrin, Morocco, etc. but they are spelled correctly here only because of spell check! I do the best that I can, and then spell check makes up the rest. And that's what the atonement is like. We do the best we can and the Savior correct things, makes things right, and makes up the difference. So there is my cheesy analogy for the week. but it's something to think about...

sorry this is so short, but that's our week:) next week looks to be more eventful- we get to go to pearl harbor! yay!!!

-Love, Sister Hodgson

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