the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, December 16, 2013

WEEK 30 -Christmas parties

      Well, this week was significantly less eventful than last week.
On tuesday, we had our district meeting/service out at the lindsey's ranch. we practiced teaching the plan of salvation and then we went out and pulled a BUNCH of fire weed. Then we went on exchanges. The sister trainer came up here to waimea and spent tuesday night and all day wednesday with me. It was really neat! she taught me a lot.
        We also went to the hospital and helped them take the end of the year supply inventory. that was super fun! we counted like a bajillion tongue depressors and bandages!
        Then sister P got sick, so we had to spend about a day and a half in the pad. We did a lot of planning, paper work and missionary work over the phone. she is feeling much better now though!
        Okay and  funny story, one of the elders called and was like "hey sisters what are we doing on pday?" and I was like "hiking!" and he was like "oh cool! which hike?" I laughed and said "we're not hiking!" "but I thought you just said we were hiking..." "I was lying. This zone is never hiking ever again!" he was like "aw man!....why not?" elders are so thick sometimes!!! ummm does he not remember what happened the last two times we went hiking!? needless to say, we're picking a different activity for the next few weeks.
      We had our ward Christmas party......santa was hawaiian:) super cute. all the little kids loved it when he came! then the next night we went to the waikoloa ward Christmas party and their santa was so legit! so we took a picture with him.
oh and p.s. we found out that we can skype our families for Christmas!!!
sorry this is so short....that's all i got for this week.
I love you a bunch and I can't wait to skype you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, Sister Hodgson

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