the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WEEK 28- Thanksgiving and Football

haha so the story lives on...I was talking with a new sister in the zone and the hon-west hanging story came up and she was like "no way! that was you?" and I was like "you had heard about that before?" and she was like "ya,...but like everyone spreads fast in a small mission"   

We taught the law of Chastity to C last week. He's 18 years old and we really wanted to help him to understand why this teaching  is important to us. We had one of C's best friends there (who is a  member of our ward ) and we ask him to share his testimony on the law of chastity. He was like "dude, it's so good, because when you look at a girl, you don't want to look at her like a piece of meat. You want to look at her like a woman, like a daughter of God. so.... ya." Great testimony!!!!! We can say whatever we want but it is so much better to just have his friend share how it has blessed him!

So, Thanksgiving was this week! We were told to not proselyte all people could just have their family time. We were invited over to Hawea's house (W in Hawaiian is pronounced like a V, so it sounds like Haveya) Hawea is our ward mission leader's daughter. She has three kids, ages 12, 10 and 6 I think. Hawea invited us over to bake pies all morning so that was fun!

Then we went and had a missionary turkey bowl! and played some Frisbee and rugby. My companion taught all of the sisters to do a "line out". it's that thing in rugby where they lift up someone and that person up in the air catches the ball.. I was the one they lifted. it was super funny. it took us forever to get it right but we did do it and catch the ball successfully once:) then we were all ready for thanksgiving dinner!! We went to our ward mission leader's house and helped them to take family photos. Our ward mission leader and his wife have like 7 kids and they are all grown, most of them married with a few kids, so it was crazy!!!! They have a huge house though. It was really fun to be a part of their family for thanksgiving. The food was delicious and we just felt so at home watching all of the little cousins chasing each other around and everyone passing around plates of pie and laughing and chatting. It was nice. After dinner, we went back to the church and played a bit of volley ball then played murder in the dark again.  we have a great zone!

On Saturday, we had a tri-ward turkey bowl. It was so much fun!!!!!!!!! the team I was on was led by JR(not junior, but jay-are). so we called ourselves the jaredites:) there was another team captian named nephi....needless to say they were the nephites:) Our team actually did really well!! We won five out of the seven games that we played! it was soooooooo much fun!!! I love football! during one of the games, a tall guy from the other team, named matt, rushed at our QB so I ran at him to block him but he jumped up and hit the ball down, and when he came down he landed with his elbow right on my forhead and then fell into me and we both got knocked over. So there I was lying on the ground in the grass, looking up at the bright sun holding my forhead....once again! haha just my luck!! kept asking me if I was okay. I told him I was fine, and the best part was that apparently he had hit the ball right back into the QBs arms and then the QB threw it right to JR and he ran and got super far! awesome!! but I missed the whole thing! haha I love football

We were super sore the next day haha!
uh oh.............the tsunami siren is going off.........................well....this is awkward....................ummmmm..................okay it just stopped......... oh, so they usually test it on the first of the month but they tested it today, presumably because yesterday was a Sunday.
okay, so question time:

what does a NORMAL Pday look like now a days?? Wake up.....clean the house, car, etc. do some laundry, maybe some exercise, and then we email and hang out with the zone!! Usually rugby and some letter writing. Then we shower get ready and head out to work at 6:00. It’s just cruise day!!!!!!!!!!

How do you see/use play theory in your mission?
haha when you go into a lesson, but you and your companion didn't discuss what you will be teaching you just try and "yes and" what ever they say...... Also, we have to "let go and play" when plans change or when you say something can't dwell on it, but you just have to "let go and PRAY" so that you are more focused on what the Lord wants you to say instead of focusing on that's looking outward too... it's all about helping the person you are teaching. They say all the time that we "teach people, not lessons" it's not about getting through the material; it's about inviting and helping others to come unto Christ. We have to be "100% present" when we are teaching and not focus on "I wonder what we are going to have for lunch?" we have to have our thoughts be centered on helping the person we are teaching.

well, I guess that's it for this week:)
love you all a bunch!
love, Sister Hodgson!

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