the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 27- we need spare keys

Okay! so this week is saw Anne Allen!!!! She showed up at the church on pday and got to meet everybody!!! and then on Wednesday, sis p and I got to go down to her fancy house on the golf course! I was so beautiful! The view was amazing! Then she and Brother Allen took us out to lunch at a cute litte beach side cafe! O my goodness they are just the sweetest! It was super fun! 

Also, this week I hit my 6 month mark! crazy right! I know! We did a lot of service this week!! We helped on family to sweep out all of the dust from their new house. We helped another family to move out of their house, and we scrubbed the floors sparkily clean! we also helped a cute old couple to revarnish??? their wooden house.....we painted on a shiney stain/paint thing and it looked super nice!
We got a referal from the H family a few weeks ago. They told us that it was just up the road from them and they kinda described the house location. We did the best we could to find the correct house ( as I have said directions are ‘different” here) so we knocked on the door.......and were rudely turned away. So we thought a little bit and said "okay, even if the referal is not going to work out, we were still meant to be here for a reason!" so we decided to go one house down the street and try them.......also rejected. So we moved on. When we spoke with the H family again to tell them that we had contacted their referal, they were like "oh no, not the two story house, its the one beyond the two story house!!!" so we went for round two of contacting the H family's referal and we met Elsie who is super nice! they had just moved from oahu! so I was like "oh cool, what part of oahu?" as we got talking I found out that she lived in my last area!!!!!! And she lived next door to some members that I had gone to for dinner appointments before!! I was so neat to relate to her in that way. when sis p and I left we were like "well, Heavenly Father orchestrated that well!!!"
So, on Wednesday night sis p gave our house keys to the elders because they didn't have a dinner appointment, so she was like "just go in and grab something to eat". Well, when we came back from our appointments, the door was still locked....and the elders were gone! so super awesome.....we were locked out of our own house! Sis p was like "that's okay, we have had this happen before so we opened the window above your bed and we put a ladder back behind the house" -because our house is elevated, and these are super high windows! So we went around back, and guess what wasn't there? that's right- the ladder. So we decided that sis p would lift me up and I would dislodge the screen, open the window, hop inside and unlock the door. well, i can tell you that is a lot easier said than done! I tried to reach my finger down to the bottom corner to see how much I was even moving the screen when I was wiggling it. And then, my finger reached right through the screen! The little black rubber tube thingy that holds the screen to the frame was not all the way to the corner! so I grabbed the black stringy thing and ripped it out, freeing the screen from the frame! I pulled out enough to climb through, and sister p pushed me up so that I was high enough to get in the window. I reached my hands down to my bed and because my bed is parallel to the wall with the window on it, I had to do a sideways tuck and roll down the length of my bed! The momentum from the height of the window was awesome and I FLEW!  But I ended the roll standing up on my feet next to my bed! Haha I felt like a secret agent or Sydney Bristow or something! it was super fun! I unlocked the door for sis p, and I walked back outside... then we saw the elders with our key in the parking lot...........................sigh............... 

So, mom asked about the people we're working with right now:
Lahi- Rb's mom! she is super smart and she calls us her adopted daughters! She does a lot of research on and the last time that we came to her house, she had printed out a 20-30 page packet of research and she went on to teach us the law of chastity and the law of tithing as she understood it from her studies!!! that doesn't happen to missionaries very often! she is so prepared and she loves the gospel!
C- he's mr "sure".....when ever we commit him to something he's just like "sure! why not". but in all reality, he is super solid. His testimony is strong, and he is good friends with a lot of the young men in our ward so they are giving him all the support that he needs!
Alex- wants to be baptized.....needs to get married to his girlfriend.
KO and KA are waiting for their families to be on board.
C - smartest little 10 year old i've ever met! Waiting for grandma who wants to be there when she is baptized
Sh- is a little afraid of change but is just the sweetest lady!
I don't have time to name all of the week:)
well, love you all!!
-Sister Hodgson

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