the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, November 11, 2013

WEEK 25-Diet Coke and Stick bugs

Monday: We played volley ball and rugby. I so super love Rugby!!!!!!!!! that WAS Monday.

Tuesday: We went on exchanges again. I went down to Kohala with the sister trainer. She is so sweet. She’s almost done with her mission. I learned a lot from her and we did my first chapel tour!

Wednesday: Still on exchanges, and we got to go to her ward's bishopric meeting!? probably the first and last time I'll ever be invited to a bishopric meeting. We were just in the foyer, bishop opened the door and was like "oh hey sisters! Come in." and we were like "who? us?" we looked around and since there were no other sisters...or people for that matter.....we assumed that he was talking to us. SO we went to the bishopric meeting. And for dinner this night, the lady gave us diet cokes to drink. I was like "Oh no.... not soda....OH NO.....Not diet soda!!!" that's like spot on exactly what mom said to avoid! and it had caffeine......boy oh body probably thinks that I hate it.....sorry tummy.
We exchanged back Wednesday night, and ALSO I slept without a night light on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That hasn't happened in a while. I am finally getting to be okay when it's dark again. It’s been almost three months since the incident and I feel much better about it all. Blessings

Thursday: I also slept without a night light on this night! Fabulous!!!!!! Okay and I got to try LAU LAU for dinner this night  (Lau Lau - steamed boneless pork, chicken or beef salted and wrapped in taro or ti leaves, is a favorite at many Hawaiian luaus. no likey.

Friday: it started to get super cold here.....well let's get real. ….Super cold here is like 60 degrees, but when you have clothes for 90 degree weather, you feel a little ill prepared.

Saturday: We cleaned the chapel and the ward members were playing what we missionaries like to call "world music"- aka anything unapproved for us to listen, Shout out to justin timberlake singing while we cleaned!

Sunday: the primary program was today! so cute! I love when all the little keiki ( Hawaiian for baby)  sing and share their testimonies! and this night we had a HUGE rainstorm!!! We got soaking wet but really really enjoyed it! It was the first rain we've had in a long time. We are so glad the drought is over. The farmers were starting to get a little worried about their animals not having enough grass to eat.

Okay extra stuff: Daddy! the oil that you sent with me has been used for like a bajillion blessings. There are a few elders who don't carry oil with them, and a few that had just left it in the car when the blessing was needed. SO thank you for getting me all prepared with the oil.
Oh and this morning, we woke up super early to drive up to mauna kea! but the road was closed because of the rain so we didn't get to drive up all the way to see the sunrise. SO we just waited in the parking lot til the sun came up….beautiful.  . It was pretty cold so we were all bundled up in our own blankets and stuff. at one point I was so cold that I climbed into our trunk to get warm, then and elder shut me in the trunk! I was like "hey don't shut me in the..." and BAM i got hit in the head by the little metal bar that attaches the trunk to the car. He later told me that he was like "hmmm that's weird that she stopped talking so abruptly...I hope I didn't knock her out or something" haha no...but close. I have a cute little welt on my forehead now. but it's tiny and not that noticeable

. oh, and the elders that we picked up to carpool with, brought their pet....wait "mascot" (because missionaries can't have pets) so we drove up to mauna kea with a stick bug in our car. yup. it totally climbed onto my head on the drive up. and i'm pretty sure it's still in the car right now...oops.

well that's about all for this week.
Ofa atu!   ( Tongan for I love you)
-Sister Hodgson

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