the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, November 4, 2013

WEEK 24- Halloween a temple trip and getting lost...again

Yay holidays!!!! Halloween was fun. We went down to the Kona trunk or treat! It was at the Kona stake center right by the temple! it was neat. We handed out candy and pass along cards!! Thanks family for the streamers and pumpkin decorations- we decorated the trunks super cute! At the end this little tiny ninja kid came up and gave me a rock.....i guess he had seen everyone else giving him things and wanted to return the favor. SO CUTE! so I got a rock for halloween.

Any way, skipping back to earlier in the week: we went to the temple on Tuesday! That was wonderful!

 so then we went on exchanges, so sister p went down to Kona, and another sister came up here to Waimea. It was so great but pretty hard!!! She is a brand new FOB (fresh off the boat) from Tonga. Her English is pretty good though. She's been out for 3 weeks now, and I am not used to this area yet so it was pretty intense.... we were lost  part of the day, but we actually got a lot of work done! It was fun to hear about all of the cultural differences and I learned how to say "the church of Jesus.." in Tongan. I was trying to learn the whole thing but i didn't get very far.

When we drove down to Kona to switch back companions it was super dark outside and  we somehow missed our turn I guess so I was like "I have no idea where we are....we might be in Kona, or we might be in Hilo (which is on the opposite side of the island)" and it was all country road so there was no place to pull over and ask. Finally we found a small store and pulled in and we were like "where are we?" the lady told us that we were in kona ---good!--- then she gave us directions to the airport. We were on a road parallel to the road that we needed to be on, so we just had to drive about 5 minutes down, then we were on the right road. After a few minutes, we were driving and beginning to wonder if we hadn't understood the directions well, then we looked up and saw the temple all bright and lit up off in the distance! We were so happy to see the temple! so we just drove towards the temple (because that's where the stake center is) and somehow we made it!

Yesterday we came home to find a HUGE box of yummy food on our porch!!! there were a ton of veggies and fruit and it was just so amazing!! and we have no idea who it is from! We feel so blessed and we have prayed many prayers for whoever our wonderful food angels are.

-okay so Church is different as  a Missionary…we invite a whole bunch of people, we greet everyone and remember things about them and host a ton of conversations! we want  to say good bye to everyone after words....we have to remember a bunch of names, We try to make sure that everyone is having a good time and that everything is running smoothly( people know where classes are etc)'s pretty crazy. Also I am starting to pronounce and spell things weird, like how they would be spelled in Hawaii....It's pretty funny.
oh and one more thing. It is super weird to fast on a mission, because the rules or cordiality dictate that if someone offers you food- you eat it!! no exceptions! It doesn't matter - you eat it. or else you offend them. So one of our investigators brought out a cup of chocolate ice cream that she had prepared for us......hahaha and yes, we ate it.... I tried not to smile to much:)  must find balance

Also, the addresses in Hawaii are ridiculous! We have someone that we are going to visit, and their address is listed like "the 17th house on the left with a blue roof and a maroon truck" joke….that's pretty common.

well, I love you a bunch and seriously am so excited to chat at Christmas!!
Love, SIS H

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