the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, September 16, 2013

WEEK 17- Hiking, losing my companion and FOOD

Last week on pday we went on a hike! There was a part where you could either continue on by climbing up the rocks next to the waterfall, or you could just wait at the bottom. I waited with one of the Samoan ward sisters that did not want to climb, and sister McKinney went up with the other Samoan ward sister. Then about a half hour later, that sister came back down by herself. I was like "hey where's my companion?" and she told me that she had gone up further with some others . So we just waited at the bottom. We started to get a little bit worried. So the Zone leaders went back up to look for them. About 20 minutes later they came back down by themselves. They couldn't find them! I was thinking "awesome......i totally lost my companion in the forest....that's so not ideal!" We got down to the cars and they weren't there so I turned around and started running to go back to the waterfall. After about a minute, I ran into the zone leaders and they were like "where are you going?" I told them "back to the waterfall." they were like "um...we can't let you do that" I’m like "ya, but I lost my companion!" and they're like "but you can't just go running off into the forest by yourself........that would just be one more person that we're responsible for if anything bad happens." They kinda had a's probably never good to run off into the forest by yourself anyway. So the zone leaders and I drove up the road to see if they had hiked far enough to get onto the main road. We didn't find them, but while we were heading back we came across an ambulance and a few police cars dealing with something on the side of the road. I was like "this really isn't good......". we kind of slowed down, but couldn't see any one that we recognized. Then we got a call saying that they were back at the cars. I was so glad to hear that everyone was safe and everything was okay. We found out later that the elders were catching crawdads  and sister  M couldn't just hike back through the forest alone. haha.........18 year old elders seriously need to keep an eye on the time..........
On September 11th, we got to do service at Pearl Harbor. We got to clean out the sick bay. ( she did not mention which boat…hahahah ) It was really neat to be there on such a special day. Then we toured the boiler room afterwards. 

After the service, we went to a lunch appointment. It was Mexican food: Horchatta, burritos and some sort of spinach/bacon/cream cheese chicken. I don't like milk, so sister McKinney drank her horchatta and then slyly switched cups with me and drank mine too..... the only problem is, if you drink it, they pour more. So She had to drink two more cups of horchatta! And she doesn't like bacon or chicken, so I had to eat her chicken thing....well most of it. We got outside and I whispered to her "I have chicken in my skirt". She was like "What!!!??" . this is becoming a common occurrence.
Our Pad got fumigated this day also. We had do bag up almost EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Our car is like a hobo shopping cart it has so much stuff in it!!!! We spent $40.00 washing every item of clothing and bedding that we own.  
We are having a lot of success working with members that are “less active”. It is really neat to see how much everyone just needs love. That solves almost ANY problem.  We are working with one sweet young lady to prepare her to go through the temple now that she is coming to church again. After she was baptized, she moved and she hasn't gone to church in years! She recently started coming back and she is doing so well!!!!! We love meeting with her.
We helped another lady bag up all of her food because her house is going to be sprayed for termites....we know how that feels.... we did a LOT of bagging this week.
Our 1st councilor in the bishopric came to us after a meeting and said that he heard from a missionary who recently got home, that we had found a man hanging in our ,word spreads so quickly! And I don't know if I already mentioned that a sister serving in Hawaii kai asked me if I was the sister hodgson who found the guy hanging in the park next to my yep that's me...... she said that she heard from her mother. crazy!

Also, we took our car to get it;s  oil changed and while we were waiting, we walked around a little shopping center. A guy sitting out in front of a plate lunch window restaurant said "you look hungry" we were like "o we're fine but thank you!" he insisted that we get a drink at least and then went on to order us hamburgers and fries as well. The Hawaiian people are SO hospitable!!! but we can't eat all of this food!!!!!! he said we look like we're losing weight... BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER!
until next week-
Sister Hodgson <3

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