the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Saturday, September 21, 2013

17 B- tell us about where you live

This is  the view from our apt. we're the tiny building amongst the tall ones.

my apartment is a one bedroom on the third floor. the windows are the kind that don't close and there's no AC. but we do have one very beloved fan. We don't have hot water in our sink. we have wood floors in the kitchen/ living room. we have a carpet bedroom and a tile bathroom. We have two small plastic tables pushed together for our study desk, one old recliner from a ward member, a weird glass table in the corner that we don't really use and a dresser with three drawers each in our bedroom.

we have plenty of shelving, plenty of cockroaches and a mold- free shower curtain. There is a pet cat that lives in our parking lot named celery. and a gimpy bird that I named gregory.

we live in the ghetto- as previously mentioned- so there is a lot of smoking, police sirens , and sketchy people who sleep in the park next door. But we have nice neighbors and a great stove and fridge too!

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