the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

WEEK 9 - Sunburns and a fair

Every week I feel like there is so much to write! But it never seems to all get in there right…
Monday- we had pday and played frisbee. Also, we were running low on food so we decided that we wouldn't buy water this week so we could spend that money on food. we would just fill our bottles up at the ward mission leaders house.

Tuesday- We went to fill up our water bottles and the ward mission leader was just heading out the door to go shopping with his brother and sister-in-law who are staying with them. They let us fill up our bottles then offered to buy us a case of water bottles. We went to pick up the water bottles after a lesson and they had also bought us groceries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the sweetest thing! they bought us snacks, frozen veggies, fruit, spinach, potatoes, cheese, tons of stuff!! We are so grateful for them! I also heard about sister Julie Jones' grocery miracle. people are really taking care of us. it is just so sweet!
ON tuesday we also taught a lesson to J. The last lesson that we had with her didn't go very well. nothing awful happened but the spirit just wasn't there. This time around, we were scared. we knew that it would be important to help her feel the spirit, and we knew that we couldn't teach this lesson without it. We had to pray hard.  I was more afraid than sister M, so we decided that sister M would invite her . As we were going through the lesson we felt very guided and the spirit was able to be there. as it came time to invite J to be baptized, words came into my head and i felt that those words were the exact way that she needed to be asked. I felt that I had so say it, but sister M was already starting down the road to the invitation. She finished her sentence then looked over at me, then I asked Jamie about her thoughts on baptism. After the lesson, sister M and i were talking. she was like "that was so cool! I just felt like you needed to ask her." and I was like "me too!" It wasn't important to sis m or me who asked  J but it was really neat to feel how the spirit can work to get both sis m and me on the same page so that we can teach in harmony. It was neat to feel guided to do something differently than we had planned, and it was neat that we both felt the same way. Lessons go so much better when we let the spirit lead. When we are trying to do exactly what we want, we are WAY less successful!

Wednesday: some of the elders needed to borrow our car for the transfer meeting so we had a walking day!!!!!!!!!! we were running behind schedule in the morning and we finally got out the door and started walking. I was like "oh no we forgot sunscreen.....never mind were late" .....................bad idea........ALWAYS. WEAR. SUNSCREEN. end of discussion. we got SUPER burnt! our faces and arms got it a little bit but the back of my neck and shoulders got fried! we had a really great time walking though! it was fun to experience what that would be like. and it made us way more grateful for our car!

Thursday: we had week plan, so all morning we lathered aloe and moisturizer on while we planned. That evening we got two more mini missionaries, which turned out to be super great girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were so much fun to spend the weekend with!  ( Mom loves how they have "Mini Missionaries" that are bigger than the two "real" missionaries  :)

Friday: we had zone conference. We got a new set of elders in our zone because the M1 ward is very busy  and it is hard for the Zone leaders to handle it all! so now, with all these elders in the zone without cars, our zone has been authorized for sisters to drive elders. WEIRD! so right now we are at the library with the salt lake elders.... . Friday we also taught a lesson to the D family. The dad's  kids are staying with the dad and his new wife . The 8 yr old decided that he wanted to be baptized so we have been teaching the lessons to him. On Friday, we found out that his sister (13 yrs old) has read the book of Mormon, prayed and felt the Holy Ghost. She is going to be baptized with her brother! We are super excited for them both! And the oldest brother (14 yrs old), has started reading the book of Mormon and we are so happy for him too

Saturday: our stake had a giant fair all day at the stake center! there were 1200+ people there! there were food booths, game booths, a stage with singing, dancing, etc. a fire truck haha it was crazy!
Sunday: I spoke in church! about missionary work:) and we had a fireside.

Today: my sunburn is peeling like crazy! I feel like a zombie.
Anyway, I am LOVING it here! I know that this is where I need to be!
lots of love,
Sister Hodgson
p.s. I have started referring to myself as sister hodgson when I say things in third person....weird! sometimes I feel like my name doesn't exists anymore.

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