the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

week 10- starving or stuffed

This week I feel like we've either been starving or stuffed all week. We get some pretty great meals here, and once this week we had some one at a lesson feed us right before our dinner appointment. Everyone is so hospitable. But also we are running low on food from having the mini missionaries for the past month and a half. That meant that we were feeding 4 with a budget for 2. not impossible but defiantly leads to less enjoyable food options. for lunch on Sunday we ate some smarties candy and notebook paper..... it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.some times people give us is usually SUCH a blessing...sometimes we are not quite sure what to say or do.

oh, and I ate the hardest thing that i've eaten on my mission so far this week.......and It was the dessert: rice pudding...................... as  you know , I can't really swallow anything that is that texture. I ate as much as I could as quickly as I could and then started slyly slipping some into the napkin on my lap. (my trainer taught me how to do that). O boy, I almost finished it but just couldn't.......but I was close enough that it was socially acceptable.

This week our district leader taught us about being bold in our commitments. So we took that and ran with it. We have 2 baptisms scheduled for this Saturday and 3 scheduled for august 24th. We feel so blessed to have these wonderful investigators and we love learning with them.

One was actually a miracle investigator. We got a phone call on Friday saying that she saw our # on a flyer. She used to attend Young womens and seminary, but she hasn’t been involved in years. She wants to get back associated with the church! We are super excited to continue  teaching her. I love that the Lord can take 2 boppy 19 year old girls and use us to do good. We could not do ANY of this on our own!

lots of love,
Sister Hodgson

p.s. we get some pretty funny responses from people here. We went out this week to get back in touch with a former investigator. There were two guys out front so we asked them "does J  live here?" his reply was "are you the girlfriend?" haha. 1st of all, there's two of us..... we cant both be the girlfriend. 2nd of all, do we look like the type of people who would be "the girlfriend?" haha in our grandma sandals and our long skirts....anyway. we got in touch with J and we will meet with him on Thursday:)

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  1. She is so wonderful! So should we be sending her some "kind" bars and other healthy goodies? Would she eat them??