the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This week was one of the funnest (most fun) weeks ever! Monday was p-day, Tuesday we met our new mission president and his wife, Wednesday we had zone meeting, Thursday was the 4th of July, Friday and Saturday we had 2 mini missionaries and Sunday we had cake waffles at our bishop’s house. (cake waffles are amazing....just cake batter cooked like a waffle, but I’m pretty sure it tastes better that way:)
Okay so President Warner and his wife are super nice! I think that I'm going to like them a lot. They are funny and organized and super ready to do whatever they need to do. Oh, and did you hear that there are some new missionary rules? no backbacks. period. all the elders need to get satchels:) also, they can wear light colored suits (like grey and tan------not like that will matter for hawaii because no one here wears suits anyway).
Our mini missionaries were super sweet and hardworking! We loved having them!
oh, also, at church this week, some lady bore her testimony then had a seizure and passed out. She's all good now, but it sure made for an eventful Sacrament meeting.
O WOW!!!!!!! We just now got a phone call from a recent convert in our ward. Her husband's kids are living with them for the summer. She said "Hi I was just calling because the 8 year old who is staying with us wants to be baptized before he goes".......okay we can probably work with that!
We have a lot new investigators.....and a lot of investigators with unique names. A few of the names are: MandiAnne, Krisha, Augustine, Jerrell, Corbin, Jeanine, Aurthor, Beatrice, Trinity, Rudy, Buddy, Byron, Lalo, and Princess! Haha, we feel like when we talk about our investigators, people will think that we're just making things up!
The fourth of July was awesome!!! We stopped proselyting at 6:00 and just got to hang out with our zone! We did some fireworks then went on a hike. It was super steep up the side of a heavily forested mountain, and it was dark out! But the view from the top was amazing!! one of our poor zone leaders got stung by a bee though. But he's okay now!
While we were on the hike, one of the zone leaders lost his shoe and it rolled down the mountain a bit into the dark. We all started looking but weren't having much luck. After a prayer, it was found almost instantly. A few minutes later, I lost my shoe. But again, a prayer was said and we found it right away. I was thinking about how dumb that was to lose 2 shoes in like 2 minutes and ask for help to find them, but Heavenly Father really cares about us individually, and He cares about our specific problems. He knew exactly where we were and exactly where the shoes were. He also knew how important it was to us to find them. I am so grateful that He loves us so much and answers all of our prayers. There is no request too small or too silly for Him. He is watching over us and wants to help us. All we have to do is ask!
Love you all!
-Sister Hodgson

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