the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 5- Crazy days

This week has been CRAZY!! But such an adventure! 
So, Monday the big news was my trainer's boyfriend eloped... so that wasn't super fun for her to find out. Poor girl. but she's been handling it well. Then Tuesday I played piano at our district meeting..... I just don't understand! haha:) Then Wednesday is where the week starts to get going. We went to Pearl Harbor and got to strip the paint off of some tables and repaint them battleship grey. It was super fun to get some sunshine, some service and get to see Pearl Harbor! I still have paint on my fingers....It doesn't come off easily:) Then we got a tour of the USS Missouri ( I think). It was amazing! Then Thursday, my trainer woke up super dizzy. I had to call the mission office and get permission to drive because it wasn't safe for her to do it anymore. I was super scared! I haven't driven in a while- I've never driven in Hawaii and I hadn't driven this car before. But so far we've been okay (knock on wood!) That night we also got a mini missionary! So Friday we had our mini missionary, a very sick trainer and myself. My trainer had to stay in bed most of the day, so I had to take over with the mini missionary. When it came time to go tracting, we dropped my trainer off at a ward member's house to rest, then the mini and I went out by ourselves! Then I got a call from the mission office. The secretary asked for sister Hodgson. I told her that was me. She said that the mission president wanted to speak with me and I needed to come to the mission office as soon as possible. At first I was confused. I didn't know why president would need to speak with me so urgently. And not me and my companion- just me. I was going through the possibilities in my head: It couldn't be a calling, I've only been here for a few weeks. It wouldn't be something trivial, or else he could just call me. Of course I assumed the worst. The President has to inform missionaries about tragedies back home. I started crying (our poor mini missionary didn't know what to do) Then we drove to the office- It was just a check in interview with all of the new missionaries!!!!!! I was so relieved!!! Anyway, It was just scary. So my trainer got so sick that night and threw up so the zone leaders came and gave her a blessing (Once again, our poor mini missionary. What an exciting week for her:). We did, eventually, take her tracting. We dropped my trainer off at a ward member's house, then the mini and I went out tracting. It was kinda scary for me to be "training" her because I feel SO inexperienced
myself! but she was a very fast learner and did great!
Well, Sister M (My trainer) is still sick, but we're hoping that she will feel better soon. Maybe we'll have a more "normal" week next week....but probablly not;) But that is what keeps it interesting! Everyday is such an adventure! I love it here! This week helped me to remember that if we stay close to the Lord, any crazy things that happen are easier to manage. The Lord has invited us to come unto Him because His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He can, and will, help us through the crazy days of our lives.
Sister Hodgson

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