the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 78- almost Pau

okay so this week was super fun! Monday, we practiced for our zone's musical number for zone conference on Tuesday.

Then Tuesday we spent pretty much all day in zone conference. It was wonderful! they played a talk from elder Bednar and he talked about how Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be perfect but He does expect us to be clean. I liked that distinction. also, President pulled me out for my final interview with him!!!!!! I was so surprised! I mean I knew that it was coming but I didnt think it would be that day but SURPRISE! He talked about the importance of education and temple attendance and what to look for in a spouse and all of that jazz.

So our zone did the musical number and we really did a MUSICAL! we did a meddly of "I hope they call me on a mission", "called to serve Him" and I'll go where you want me to go". with the storyline of a young boy preparing to go on his mission, then the day he opened his call, to the time he had to pray about it to really resolve that he would go where ever the Lord wanted Him to go. then on to when he met his trainer and learned how to tract. it was super fun and we got it all on film so I'll show you in a few weeks:)   ( weird to say that) Then at the end of zone conference I gave my departing testimony with two other sisters. and then another SURPRISE they started playing "Aloha Oi" on the piano and everyone sang to us....... man I knew that these things happened but I guess I just totally forgot! It was so crazy….yeah, I creid .  I still can't believe I'm almost pau. ( Pau = finished or done)

Wednesday one of the elders was sick so we tried to cover our appointments and that was pretty busy!

Thursday, we helped a lady in our ward to can a bunch of jam. it was super fun!

Friday, was a SUPER SPECIAL day!!!!!!!!!!!!  But not much I can really share…just know that somedays the spirit is so strong you want to explode!

Saturday we had a neat experience. We only had a few minutes to go tracting before our next visit, so we could have just gone early but we decided to go and tract a few houses. we didn’t know what street to tract so we drove around for a bit then found one and turned back around to get to it. we picked three not super scary looking houses and the first one we went to we got invited in and we taught a lesson and we are going back this week for another appointment. super cool!! Some people want to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they are just waiting for us…

Sunday was busy. well that's just life I suppose:) but we are practicing a song for the musical fireside and it's a super great song. we are all excited.

Love you family!!!
Love, Sister Hodgson

PS anyone remember Brad Snell from TNT...many years ago...his little brother came to the best mission !!

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