the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 73- Expect the unexpexted !


So this has been a crazy week! My companion and I both got emergency transferred out of Lahaina. We had 4 sisters in one ward so now the other two sisters will just have the ward all to themselves. I am IN HONOLULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in one of the richest areas in a tripanionship with sister Yasufuku from the visitors center and Sister Hoskins (people have a hard time keeping our names straight). Sister Hoskins goes home on Wednesday.

So, Tuesday was the emergency transfer, then Wednesday we went out and did visits. Thursday I met the bishop and ward mission leader and everybody.

Friday, we had to go into the mission office and got to have interviews with president :) I always love interviews!, President and his wife are amazing and get us pumped up and ready to go! Sister Y is a bit like me .  She is a little hard on herself when she feels she is not doing enough or working hard enough etc…So pres thought she and I would be good for each other . SO president pretty much told us that sis yasufuku and I would be staying here in hawaii kai.

Saturday we found out transfer news. we were told that sister hoskins, of course is leaving because she is finishing her mission AND that sister yasufuku would be going back to the VC (some one sis yasufuku used to know lives in this ward so she has to leave this ward)

then Sunday, we found out that I would be leaving too!!!!!!!!!!!! so they went from one leaving, to two leaving, and now all of us are leaving!

then this morning......haha......we found out that sister yasufuku will not be going back to the visitors center but she will be staying with me and we will be going to waipahu stake- ewa beach. SO that is the news as of now. (I think president can feel that sis Y and I will be able to help each other and learn together.) so I am on to my sixth area with my 15th companion hahaha...... it is so funny that I thought I knew how my mission would end : training sister M in lahaina. but now......well…...I have just learned to expect the unexpected!

We will be white washing so that will be fun too! we are excited for this next week.

okay so other random thoughts: 1. I have been learning this week that discouragement is not from the Lord. Satan wants us to be discouraged and to loose hope. Heavenly Father will never make us feel discouraged. When he needs to help us, He will offer His help with a feeling of love, and specific direction on what we can improve on. He will never confuse us or just make us feel like a horrible person. He will help us to see what we can become and He will fill us with hope through the atonement of Jesus Christ.
2. our apartment here is like a little hamster cage! It is one room with a microwave, a sink and fridge, 3 beds, and a table, etc. all in one square. no windows. just the sliding door. so I am glad to be getting a new pad on wednesday haha.
3. Shout out to the Hughes boys ( yes buddies of mine that are twins and coming home the same day this week from their missions) and Shawn Gandola my “other brother” too!  Crazy busy home week!! Love you guys can’t wait to catch up!  Mom sends me some of your letters but catching up will be GREAT!
4.. Shout out to sister Rachel Buxton who sent the Elder Holland quote that I read all the time these last few weeks. "Every one of us has times when we need to know things will get declaration is that this is precisely what the gospel of Jesus Christ offers us, especially in times of need. There is help. There is happiness.....Don't you quit. you keep walking. You keep will be alright in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.".
5. I love my family so much!!!!!!!!!! thank you for everyone who has been praying for me during these crazy tough past weeks. I have felt the strength of your prayers and I received the help and strength that I needed. I am starting my last transfer now and I am going to give it my all.

I love being a missionary!
love, Sister Hodgson

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