the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 60- always get a day pass and I need new shoes

Rachel is so “immersed “ in Hawaii and trying hard to keep the “time on the computer” rules….so I have begun to ask a few questions…
A few mommy questions: ( skip if you want)

 Describe  your  Area-
our area is one 2 parts military, two parts very low income housing, one part nice appartments (thats where we live) and one part local kine Hawaiian roots people. mostly small houses in the low income really small. it's definitely been eye opening. lots of Filipino and chukeese and Pompeian live in the low income housing. there are not too many members in the area so we did a lot of tracting. we've pretty much tracted the whole area that we can tract.  Most people are very nice to us.

More companion info besides awesome and really sweet??/

she came out a year ago, and shes due to go back to the vc in two weeks but who knows. some vc sisters say we're nice, some say scary. depends on your experiences. some full field sisters say the vc sisters dont have to work as hard. but i love both kinds of sisters. language is great! she learns quickly. and she is teaching me some korean:)

what are you studying in your scriptures?
just about to start the doctrine and know what that means….. but im reading nt and bom right now. love the wars in alma, just started helaman. and im in john in the nt

what do your Pdays look like?
email as fast as i can, shop clean house, write letters. our activity week this transfer is next week!! woo hoo!

when you drive in the car do you sing?
all the time!! mo tab ye elders of isreal:) we changed the second verse from "the harvest is great and the laborers are few" to "the elders are great and the sisters are few" haha

 tuesday night was exciting! we went to go and get our day pass and get on base, but i missed the turn so we pulled in at the next gate (a gate that cant give day passes) and we asked if we could just make a u turn. the guy was like "wait I know you. you're fine, just go in" day ids....nothing........and he just let us on base! crazy! so we kind of felt like vips but we kinda felt bad. so afterwards we drove over to the other gate to head so so we could get our passes on the way out and come in and out all day…. so we were about to leave base and there was a huge line of cars to get off base. we were like "what's going on?" then we saw guards checking cars and I was like "oh no!!! we don't have a day pass and they are inspecting everyone's cars!!! they never do this.....but the one day we didn't get a day pass ............" anyway, it turns out they just wanted to check in our trunk. i was like "we have scriptures and water?" he looked in and said "no thats not what we're looking for" we were like "hmmm...what are they looking for?" in the course of getting our day pass we found out that there was a missing child on base. a 6 year old girl. While we waited in line to exit the base again we prayed for her and her family. then a few minutes later, all the cars in the line started going off base with no one checking trunks. we asked the guard "did they find her?" they did!!!!!!!! woohoo so that was an exciting adventure….and we are so glad that the little girl is safe!

this week we had another really local hawaiian dinner- the rice, raw fish etc and I just ate it. I was like "woah! what's happened to me? old me could never do this!" but i guess we just get used to it. I still dont like it, but it's easier to eat now. haha

we had another car fast on friday..........I think we spent like 7 hours just walking. our area is so long!!!!!!!!! we were so sore that night we could barely walk around the apartment....and I broke my shoes....nice feet huh?  so we started crawling....then just dragging ourselves across the little caterpillars:) then we just felt ridiculous so we laid on the floor and laughed till we had enough strength to walk again. It was a great exercise day though!

also, on sunday a kind of very very strange guy came to the chapel. he was acting kinda crazy and weird. anyway, everyone was trying welcome him and help him but he didnt want it. Sister Oh and I went outside to make a phone call and while I was leaving a message this guy walked outside, right past us and swore........ I was super surprised and thinking "he just swore in my voice mail!" so I stuttered through the rest of the message and hung up.

we had a little miracle this week. we were looking through the ward list to see who we could visit and one lady stood out to us....but we thought "no we've visited her before, she wasn't very receptive" so we picked another lady and planned to visit her. when we got to her house we were like "this is the same house as that other lady who wasn't very receptive!" it was a mother and daughter but they both had different last names! we were like "well I guess we’re supposed to see them today!" as we talked with the two ladies, we found out that they had been baptized only a few months ago. they haven't been coming to church, probably in part because they don't know too much about it. they are so new! and when people get baptized, the missionaries usually come over afterwards and teach them more and help them to feel welcome. but no one knew that they had just been baptized because they were baptized on the mainland and then came back here to Hawaii. But Heavenly Father knew that they had recently been baptized. He knew that they needed to be visited, and He brought us there. It is always amazing to see that He can help us to accomplish so much more good than we ever could on our own. This is His work. These are His children, and we are His servants.

I love this work! I love being a missionary!

love, Sister Hodgson

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