the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 53- la Vida Loca

I feel like every day sister OH and I say to each other "this is going to be a crazy day" and then the next day comes and we are like "this is going to be a crazy day too!" It is just one busy day after another. We have been blessed with a lot of appointments each day and we have so many people that we want to visit and we are still trying to meet new people every day. So I feel like we have just been running around like little chickens trying to get everything done. We have been having a lot of "on the go" lunches and sometimes if we don't have a dinner appointment we're like "we'll just work through dinner" but then our district leader found out and he was like "SISTERS! You have to take breaks and eat real food!" ,so we have been trying to find a good balance between working hard and taking care of our bodies. But we are just having so much fun!

We had zone conference this week and our zone provided the musical number. So that meant that the day before conference we had to get together and practice. Apparently the idea of getting up early to come and sing wasn't very appealing to the boys naturally it turned into a giant breakfast feast and they all came. but it was really fun to see a kitchen full of elders scurrying around cooking eggs, potatoes, pancakes, French toast, 3 kinds of breakfast meats, a Chinese chicken dish, etc. WE EAT here is Hawaii and It was all super good! then we sang and got back to work.

Thursday was zone conference and my year mark! I cannot believe I have already been out here for a year! I love it so much! time has just flown by! And it was neat that three elders at the zone conference were in the MTC with me so it was their year mark too!  ( I love how we are all looking at our own cameras  haha)  Zone conference is always fantastic! We got to be trained by President and Sister Warner. They are so sweet! President talked about Zion's camp, and how the early saints had to travel 900 miles to receive military assistance, and when they got there the assistance wasn't available, so they had to travel back. He talked about how hard the circumstances were and how, to many people, it seemed like a wasted trip. But he talked about how maybe the Lord wasn't really interested in what they did or didn't accomplish, but rather, He was interested in their faith. He talked about how our obedience shows our love for the Lord and our trust in Him. And I love this last bit- he said sometimes as a mom or a dad, we will feel like we are not accomplishing much (like just going to work every day, or just cleaning up the toys over and over again) but that is such an important job. Parents teach their kids by example, and kids can see the faithful acts of their parents. No effort is wasted. And during all of our hard times, we can find the strength that we need as we turn to the Lord.

One more story from this week: A little miracle- we had a little bit of extra time and we felt like we should go visit  D, even though we hadn't planned to visit him that day. As we were walking to his house we saw a girl and she was like "I am so happy to see you!" we had met her a week ago, but she hadn't seemed too interested in our message. She said that she had never been much of a religious person. But now, she told us that she had lost her house and her car and had prayed for help and she got a car that morning and would be moving into a house on Sunday! She said she wants to meet with us and she wants to start coming to church to show her love and gratitude to the Lord.   I am so glad that we ran into each other that day! The Lord really will put us in the right place at the right time as we try our best to do what is right. We had no idea who would be walking on the sidewalk at that moment on that day on the way to D's house- but Heavenly Father knew!

love you all!

-Sister Hodgson

 PS...LOTS OF RAIN...flash floods that knock out the street lights...I love adventures!!

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