the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Monday, February 3, 2014

WEEK 37- snow in Hawaii

Well, this week was surprising!!
On Monday we played volley ball down at a park near a beach and enjoyed the sunshine! then we went to teach a lesson to a cute 9 yr old girl. We had forgotten the DVD player, and so we had to change lesson plans (we had planned on showing a video) so we decided that tonight was not the night to invite her to be baptized. but as we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) she was like "aw, I want to be baptized!" and we were like thinking 'shhhh....little girl, not yet!' and we just said "that is such a good thing" then went on with the lesson. Then she said it again, but this time louder "I want to be baptized!" and we were thinking...well.... okay fine. I guess we really should not fight this! so we set up a goal for her baptism day, and she and her mom are so excited for it. Heavenly Father is preparing people everywhere to take that step. and especially little children are so receptive to the spirit! They feel it, and know that it is a good thing!
We went on exchanges this Wednesday! Sister Uasila'a-vaha and I went down to Kona. We went to visit a girl , and she wasn't home, but the two men who lived in the house beneath her were home. One of them came up to us and was like "are you the mormons?". my heart sank....I just didn't feel right about this guy. I said a silent prayer in my head to know if I was just being judgmental and he really needed the gospel, or if he really was a creep. I still just didn't feel good about it. I could tell that my companion didn't either. The spirit was giving us the feeling that we needed to leave, and that the intentions of these men were not good. The man told us how he "wanted to learn about the mormon bible" and that he was "so very interested". We told him about, and how he could learn more there. We went upstairs to try and see if L was home and the guy went back into his house. We quickly and quietly stepped away and had almost made it out of the yard when the two men rushed back out of their house. They were like "wait, come back! I want to learn more!" we told them that we had left a card on their washer (washing machines  are common to find out side of people's houses) but they didn't even listen as we told them. They both began to enthusiastically  invite us back. They we're beckoning and kept saying "come on. come here." " they were becoming super frantic. we just explained that we had to go and quickly left. It was so uncomfortable. I am very grateful for the spirit, who warned us that this was not a good situation. That was unmistakable. I am so thankful for Heavenly Father's guidance in situations like these.
So today, we drove up to Mauna Kea and played in the Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so freezing cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay it was like 37 degrees, but that is cold to us Hawaiians! We built a snow man, made snow angels and sis p even went sledding down a hill.....but she fell off and super junked her leg. But she's tough. She's okay. We took pictures in our Heidi shirts…missing Heidi.
We are all getting a little antsy because transfers news is coming up so soon! We'll know officially on Sunday, but we'll probably find out tonight....all of the flights get booked tonight :)
      Take away thought for the day: Always be ready to listen to the promptings the spirit gives you. He will never give us false information. He always testifies of truth, and gives us direction and protection. And whenever we have a decision that we just can't seem to make by ourselves, we can come up with an answer, pray about it and see how we feel . The spirit will help us know if it is right or wrong. Even if it's just a little thing- If it's important to us, It matters to Heavenly Father and He will give us guidance.
He loves you! I love you! Church is so important to teach us what we need to know! and don't forget about family history!
love, Sister Hodgson

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