the sisters on Maui

the sisters on Maui

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week -19 sick days and wonderful blessings

First the answer to mom’s question of the week;  The first sound I hear when I wake up is the alarm, and I jump out of bed to go turn it off! Then I can hear the sound of our fan...its super noisy! But we're used to it now so I hardly even realize. Then, let's be honest, I usually I hear an ambulance or police's the ghetto.             
Okay so this was one of the toughest weeks of my life! I'm doing so much better now, but it was just a hard week- Emotionally more than anything, but in addition to that, I got sick this week!
I love missionary work! I love working hard! But this week my comp and I spent a few days home. At first when she suggested we stay home and recover a bit I was totally against it. But after a few appointments I realized that she was right and I needed to take a break. I was exhausted! She gave me my medicine then put me back to bed! I slept so much that day!!!!! Then we slowly eased back into the work as I got better and we are back out on regular schedule now.

This goes to mom’s other question; how have I seen the Lord's hand in this week? In the priesthood blessing I got! It is amazing to see the immediate relief when we get a blessing. I know that the Lord works through normal people to bless all of His children, and It is especially neat to see a young elder bless you with the things that Heavenly Father would tell you if He was here. and If you don't feel like you need a blessing, prayer is a great help too!!!!!

My ward mission leader and his lovely wife are fantastic!  Brother and sister Winward! They tell us that we are always welcome in their home and they mean it!!!!!!! They make everything in life fun and they really support us in the work. They check in on us every day and make sure we are doing well!  hes a military medic.  In this picture  hes breaking in his new boots.

We got to go on an amazing hike this week! We hiked through a muddy forest and got to a part where you have to climb up a bunch of rocks, and then it gets to the waterfall!! It was so tall!!! And the best part was that it started raining while we were hiking!! haha yay more mud:) it was really fun!

We were visiting people in a nice apartment complex that we go to a lot, and I remembered one of the girls that we had met there a long time ago. We had started teaching her a while ago but because she was a minor we would need to get parental permission before continuing on, and we hadn't asked her parents yet. So we finally decided to go and visit her. We asked her to introduce us to her family and she did. We got to pray with her family and find out some of the struggles that they are going through right now. They commented on how they really needed us to come that night. It was so neat that Heavenly Father knew that they needed a visit that night, and He let us know. The dad felt the spirit very strongly during our meeting and he wanted us to teach both of his children (the girl we had taught before and her brother).
The spirit will always guide us to those who need us if we are prepared and if we listen!
Love you all!
-Sister Hodgson

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